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Getting to know you
Don't worry this is not a post for Friend-lock. I have no intentions of locking my fics so don't worry.

I know I have met many of my readers and authors that I have read but I don't know a lot about everyone and I would like to get to know everyone a little more. ^^

Just tell me basic stuff like:
1. Your name or what I should call you.
2. Where you are from. Just the country is fine. If you want to be more specific that's fine.
3. Your age.
4. Favorite bands, biases and otp.
5. anything else you feel like sharing.

Well I guess I should go by example. My name is Elizabeth but almost everyone calls me Liz, so feel free to do so as well. I live in ohio in the United States (If you couldn't guess from my disclaimer) I am 19 years old, born in 92.

Super Junior is my ultimate favorite band probably in the world. They are jsut totally amazing. ^^ I also am a big fan of DBSK, SHINee, MBLAQ, BoA, F(x), Kara, T-Ara, Beast, 4Minute, Wonder Girls...and a few others, feel free to ask if I didn't name a kpop group you like.
I also listen to some Jpop and Jrock but I'm not good with knowing the members from bands like I am with Kpop. But I like bands like Kat-tun, Arashi, Utada Hikaru, Nami Tamaki, L`arc~en~ciel, LMC, Koda Kumi, and others.
I do listen to some american music but not as much.

My bias in Suju is KRY, they also are my favorite pairing, but when it comes to OTP Kyusung and Hanchul are basically tied.
Jaejoong and Yoochun are my biases in DBSK and I really like Yunjae and Yoosu, so they often show up in my stories.
Minho in SHINee, and Minkey would be my SHINee otp, but I don't write too much SHINee. (Though I'm adding them in slowly.)
I could go and list for other bands but that would take too long. haha^^ you can ask though I'm willing to share.

I am also an anime freak and my friends and I like to go to conventions and cosplay. We did a group cosplay as Ouran High School Host Club a couple years ago, and we try to get more group but it's a little hard to find something we can all agree on.
I read and watch a lot of different anime and manga though, YuYu Hakusho is my ultimate favorite anime and Fushigi Yugi is my favorite Manga.

I think that's enough to at least get the basics done. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know. ^^

Also if you have a request for me, you can either PM me or put it in your comment and if I can I'll write it. Though a mild warning, I am pairing picky. :p I know I'm weird like that. But otherwise I'm willing to try and write most things.


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Hopefully we won't have to wait for too long (I've heard it'll be released really soon~~) As for F(x)'s comeback, I'm a bit disappointed... I can't really explain why though... but I'm not fond of their new song...

I should do that too but once I start a drama (or a movie) I try my best to finish it even if it sometimes takes me forever... ^^"
I too was very fond of the Joong Ki/ Yoo Ah In couple but I didn't know they won the best couple award for this drama... /facepalms
Same here! Or sometimes it's because friends showed me a cut of a certain variety show and then I want to watch the full show... That's actually what happened recently and since then I've been completely hooked on Mblaq. XD

Haha! I like you guy's plan and I support it!! Something needs to be done about Hangeng's haircut LOL

That's good to hear. ^.^
Oh! Your parents and brother are in Germany... So close to where I live~

The date keeps getting moved up^^ first they said the 12th then the 10th (mv might still be the 10th i don't know for sure) and mow they say the 1st. Yay Teukie's birthday...and just a few days before mine. (early birthday present much. :p )
Omo they released Eunhyuk's teaser photo today. *squels* makes me even more excited. though I think the jokes about him covering his eyes will be back. haha. And then the fact that Kangin is officially confirmed to be back with suju for the album...gyahh so much exciting news the last few days.^^
Really? I like their new album and comeback song. But obviously not everyone has the same feelings.

I can't watch somthing I'm not into even if it sounded interesting at first. I've had a couple movies that I stopped watching over half way through because they bored me way too much and just kept going on and on and I lost intrest in finding out the end. Which reminds me of something my Composition prof. showed us to try and get a point across. In the end, I think it totally contradicted his point. He was talking about him not wanting us to use words like that, this, it, these, and other words like that becuase they can be undescriptive and confusing, which made sense. But he showed us a video where a woman was proof-reading and correcting a woman's prologue. The original was just fine. It was interesting and I was actually curious to read the story but when she fixed it/made it more descriptive, it was totally boring and there was no need to read on because everything was already answered. There wasn't anything to be curious about to continue reading to figure out. (So yeah, I think it back fired)
Yes they did, and I love both of their reactions. They were anounced right before Yoochun and the girl(i forget her name) were announced for best couple (since 4 couples were chosen.) Joongki was mcing but another mc read it off, so he was just "Who? Me? What, We won?" and his expression was so funny. and Ah In was sitting next to...Yoon Hee (I remember that name haha) and he just turned a little read and hid his face in his hands and all three of them are laughing like crazy. Oh you would have to look it up and see on youtube. I know it's english subbed on youtube. (just look up AhIn and Joong ki best couple award eng and you should find it)
Speaking of mblaq shows I still need to finish hello baby ^^"

Totally though his hair in his new mv wasn't...horrible, though it could've eaasily been a lot better.

Yeah, they're there until the 29th. They're staying in Delmenhorst which is a little southwest of Bramen, SInce delmenhorst is my city's sister-city and we have an exchange programm my dad runs as the teacher.

Geez I wrote you a lot...haha. ^^" Was not planning on that.


So! What did you think of their comeback? I was so excited when the MV teaser was out that I nearly scared my mum to death xDD The songs in the album were all so great (though I'm still not fond of Rockstar) and same goes for the 4 ones for the repackaged version~~ And I'm soooo happy to be able to hear Kangin's voice again!! I really missed it~

At first I was just like you and would stop whenever I wasn't interested into a movie/drama but now I try to keep on until the end just in case something would happen in the middle and change my thoughts about the story~ In fact it's all because of Iljimae, when I first watched it I didn't really like it so I stopped after 30 minutes but then my friend told I should give it another try so I did and after I finished the 1st episode I couldn't wait to watch the others!! XD
I think you're right about what your teacher tried to explain you, I mean if the summary, prologue gets too descriptive it can ruin the will to read the story for the readers and that's too bad... Although it's true that using words such as "this, that, these" can be a bit confusing at times, it somehow awakes the curiosity of the readers~ Well depending on how they're used I guess...
Oh! I watched it!!! At last and you were right, they were so adorable when finding out they won, espeically Yoo Ah In~ I still can't get over it... Hope they'll film another drama or movie together in the future~
As for Mblaq Hello Baby, I've just finished it. They're such adorable fathers and kids, I couldn't help but to tear up at the last episode.... ^^"

I totally agree with you!! Btw have you listened to his album?

Oh I see... That's cool! When I think I've never been to Germany... I should go there someday though~

Haha! It's okay I don't mind but sorry I took months to reply...

Oh I really loved it. And the hard copy of the Ablum was released I think the day before my birthday (SO I preordered it for myself hehe^^) and it was shipped on my yes, one of the best birthday presents ever. And I got Teukie's card in my copy. I wish they used a couple different teaser pics but I still liked all of them.
Aww you don't like Rockstar? I love that one...though I really can't decide which is my favorite. From U might be my favorite but I also really love KRY's song...yup still KRY biased.
Oh I loved Iljimae. I was never bored with it. And usually I make it through either the first episode of a drama or over half way through a movie before I quit it. Sometimes though I just have to stop like 2/3 of the way through to leave or something and never go back to it. It's worse though when I keep seeing a movie on tv and keep missing the same parts everytimes I watch it.
Yeah, I mean it was a little annoying that everytime you used "that" he would get upset, but hey sometimes it can't be avoided, but I still knew what he was saying. And the video was just wrong. If it's an intro to a mysterous story, you want it to be vague.

Yay. Oh I seriously love them. They are probably my favorite non-idol actors. Joongki is my favorite and AhIn probably comes in second. I would love for them to film together again.(Or be in another gay-but-not relationship.) ^^♥

I got to like episode 6 and stopped. Just got distracted with other things and kept forgetting to watch it. I still want to finish it though. I just watched To the Beautiful You. The first drama I have actually watched on time and loved it. Though Sulli looks like Taemin with short hair. They could be twins. Though that makes it a little hard to cheer on Sulli and Minho's relationship in the drama cause I don't like 2min. haha.

Not the whole thing. I've been bad. *Sorry Hannie* THough I did listen to both the songs that had MV's. And the two duets he did and had MV's for. (Which he keeps releaseing stuff around the time Suju makes a comeback.) But I still love hearing his voice. And I watched the movie that he starred in. Love it.♥

Really? It's only a train ride away really. well maybe a couple trains but still. ten times easier and cheaper then it would be for me to go. It's so nice there I want to go back. My host family for a couple years wants to see me again real bad. But I don't have the money.

I didn't even realize it had been as long as it has until I read my last comment. I really wish we could talk more.


That's a pretty nice birthday present indeed~ By the way, Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you had fun and enjoyed your day :DD
I agree with you for the teaser pics but I'm not surprised when I saw all the pics to find out my fav hadn't been used as the teasers one cause it's always like that xDD As for my favorite song... I couldn't pick one either... but From U, Daydream and Someday are definitely in the top~

Well after giving it a 2nd try I can say that I loved Iljimae too and wasn't bored either. I guess when I first tried watching it I was too tired or not used to the historical drama type... Oh I know what you mean! It's really frustrating when you keep on missing the same parts in a movie but maybe not as much as when someone tells you the end of a movie before you could actually watch it...
Yeah I agree with this too and I think I understand what he wanted to explain you~

I don't think I have a favorite actor (idol or not) but they're both actors I'm looking forward to see again in a movie or a drama (if only I had more free time to watch these though... lol) Yeah me too! I would really love it 8D

Hope you'll get the chance to finish it then~ Oh! I haven't watched that drama yet but I don't if I would cause I really enjoyed the Japanese version and might just end up comparing the two all the time... Haha! I haven't noticed that Sulli with short hair looked like Taemin... but I guess that if you don't like 2min it must have been a bit awkward...

Haha! Don't worry, I only listened to it for the first time like 2 or 3 weeks ago... and haven't seen his movie yet... In fact I didn't even know he starred in a movie... /facepalms

Yeah I know but it still somehow rather expensive... but since I have a friend living there I really hope I could go someday~ Also, I'll be going to London for the 1st time in December. My friend and I got tickets for BigBang concert (well she paid most of it because I'm currently broke... ^^") Oh?! So you can speak German then? Were you in an exchange students program? I've always wanted to study in another country but never really got the chance because of money... /sighs

Yeah, me too. It's really nice to talk to you!! Hope you're doing okay and take care ♥

Haha yeah I love it. ^^
Yeah, mostly I wish they would've used a different one for Yesung. He had ones that would've worked better.
It's deffinetly between From U and Bittersweet.

I've gotten into watching more in the last year or so...and I just love JoongKi.

I got over it a little towards the end, so it wasn't so bad...I just got used to seeing it as Sulli and not Taemin so it was Okay, and it's just a drama...haha

I still haven't listened to it. haha. But yeah he filmed a movie shortly after he left. I really love it. It's called My Kingdom. But you can't really find it online. I watched it on Netflixs. It's okay a couple of my friends didn't know until recently and I forgot until I saw it on netflix.

Soooooo Lucky, even if I'm not a Big Bang fan, I can't really get to anyone's concerts cause they're just not close enough and it's beyond expensive to go.
Yeah a tiny bit. I can write it a bit better then I can speak it, and if I hear it, I can usually understand what is being talked about. But yeah My dad runs an exchange so I got to go 5 times. and I stayed with teh same family twice and then a couple days on my last trip.

You can always find me on Facebook too. Aside from being a little sick (Which is usual for me this time of year) I'm alright...just making it through work and school.


/nods head
Bittersweet is really nice and I like it even more after they performed it for their Winter Concert in Japan! The fancams, nearly killed me to be honest 8D

I guess I'll have to catch up with all the movies or drama he starred on but I don't know when cause I still have so many things to watch... /sighs

And I still haven't watched that movie... but I remember watching the first episode of the drama he filmed when he was still with the guys and as much as I love him, I wasn't really convinced by his acting skills... Yet he was still new to acting at that time so I guess he must have improved since then so I'll try to check for his movie if I can find it~

I understand... To be honest, even though London or Paris are not too far away from where I live, it's still quite expensive to go there for a concert...
That's cool! I wanted to learn German when I was younger but gave up for whatever reason it was... ^^" Hope you could go back there and greet your host family in the future~

Oh you're on facebook? Okay, I shouldn't be surprised since most of people are nowadays... XD Hope you're still doing okay with work and school and take care ♥

OMG I know! I watched those fancams the other day and had to resist the giggling and spazzzing I wanted to do because we had my cousins over. BUT why couldn't Kyu just let Jongwoon kiss him. You know he wanted to. haha^^

I'm behind on my drama list too so it's okay. haha

You'll just have to remember to watch it sometime. It's really a great movie. And yes, I loved the little drama he was in. I just finished watching it not too long ago, but I had to watched the final episode without subtitles. No one had it with english subtitles, so I just watched it without. Luckily since it was the final, and the preview from the last episode was subbed, I could fairly easily keep up with what was going on. (I shocked my sister because I told her exactly what was going on in a scene...and yet I don't speak or understand 99% of chinese.) haha

Well when we are in Germany, travelling around can be a little cheaper then it is here, because of the public transport system is sooo much better and easier. To make it to the east coast for one of my cousin's weddings last year, we had to drive and it took 14 hours to get there and almost 2 tanks of gas. Traveling by train is soo much better in my opinion.
I hope so too. I miss them.

Yup. Though I go by my full name. Elizabeth instead of Liz. And I have such a lovely pic of my heechul necklace by my eye for my profile pic. haha. Not really a person to post pics of myself.
It's tiring but my school semester is almost over. But I have to get ready for next semster too.


Same here, except that I was just sitting next to my Mum in the living room. Although she's used to my spazzing I didn't want to give her more reasons to think I've become crazier since I've got into kpop. XDD

Okay! I'll try to remember then~ /notes it down somewhere so she hopefully won't forget.
Oh this reminds me of when I watching Korean variety shows and that my sister walked in, asking me why I was watching stuff I could barely understand... But then I somehow managed to explained her what was going on and she looked pretty surprised by it. ^^

Yeah I guess it's easier to travel from an European country to another than from a State to another... 14 hours in a car? I think I would have died... Even with breaks I really can't stand car trip... it makes me dizzy for some weird reasons... ^^"
That's why I usually prefer to take the train although my favorite is the plane but it's way too expensive...

Haha! I'm the same. I must have like... 5 pics of myself on my facebook but I don't even know I put them there since I don't use them...
I see... Well I hope you could rest a bit during Christmas vacation if you have any and fighting!! :D

PS: Happy Belated Thanksgiving~

Well even though my cousin already knows I'm weird, she had her new fiance with her and neither could see what I was watching so it would be really weird if I were to start giggling and spazzing while they were sitting by me.

Haha, yeah. My sister came over while I was watching and she tried jokingly say what the scene was and I turned around and told her what was actually going on. Even though I had no subtitles and it was the middle of the episode. She told me she mildly expects me to just be speaking Chinese one day.

Yeah. Going there wasn't too bad, but it took even longer to get home and we added a person to our car. So I was completely squished and uncomfortable. Also had know one to talk to and keep me entertained. I can't sleep in cars and have a hard time playing on my psp, especially if I want music too.

I have like one that is all of me, normal. I have a few that are me in cosplay. And then two more that have a little of me, like my eye or one it a german flag heart drawn on my hand.
Well I'll be working but it's easier to just work and not go to school. so it should be a decent break.



Haha! Yeah I know what you mean. It happened to me a few times when my sister visited us with her boyfriend. XD

Why not~ Maybe you wouldn't be able to speak it fluently but who knows... You might just understand enough of it to communicate with others a little~

Ah... That must have been a very long ride home... I don't even know you put up with it but I guess you didn't really have the choice anyways... ^^"

I think I only have like... 4 but all of them are old pictures and I don't even know why I posted them in the first place... Should go delete them!! XDD
Yeah I guess so~

Gotta go but hope you have a nice day~ :D

Haha yeah. Everyone thinks I'm weird enough as is. I don't need to add to it. Haha ^^"

I've been sort of teaching myself Korean and I can understand some general parts of convestations. And I know the characters. But so far that's all.

It was. So terrible. I never want to do it again. Usually I can handle long car rides if I have something distracting me.

Haha yeah. I have more pictures of myself in cosplay then anything else. Haha I don't think it's something I would get ride of. Even if I have low self esteem about my looks and don't think I'm pretty at all, I can't change that and should at least let people see me a little.


Same here!!! ㅋㅋㅋ

I tried to learn Korean by myself but I'm the type who needs someone to be around and make sure I do learn stuff and am not just lazying around in front of a book or something... So I started taking classes 3 years ago~

Hope it won't happen again then. ^^

You know, I really like your way of thinking and I should seriously do the same but... can't help it... /sighs

Oh and it's a bit late but Happy New Year!! May this new year be an healthy, happy and full of sucess year to you ♥

Well there is no where for me to take lesson's, so I can't do that. I'm Slowly learning and that's enough for me.

I have a decent size car ride coming up next weekend. But I'm the one driving so it won't be too bad. And no one is going to be smooshed so that's all good too.^^

You'll be just one of a few who do. Haha. Not everyone likes the way I think....someimes though it's because I disprove their logic and make them lose an argument...especially one against me. ^^

THanks. And of course the same to you. Best way to start the New year is with some Super Junior M. ^^ Have you seen the MV yet?


Oh that's too bad... but at least you're making so progress~

So how was the car ride? Certainly better than the other one haha! So you have your driving licence?! Awesome~

Haha! There are people who don't like to lose argument and thus they'll always say that they don't like your way of thinking when in fact they agree with part of it... ^^"

Thank you! I totally agree and yes I've seen the MV!!! Almost died because the music sounds really good and they all look so handsome~ (though I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed with the background setting...) What did you think about it?


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