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Alcohol Vs. Coffee

Title: Alcohol Vs. Coffee
Pairing: Kyusung
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I'm from Ohio...not too many hot korean idols to own or make money of off. So do you think I'm doing that with these boys?...didn't think so

Summary: It's the end of the school year and Jongwoon is going to graduate, so it's now or never for Kyuhyun to confess, but his timing is always wrong.
Prompt: "Conversations over alcohol disappear like dewdrops the next day, but conversations over coffee will stay" (Lee Taeri - I love Italy/Lee Taeri)


"Kyuhyun, Heechul hyung wants to know if you want to join us for drinks tonight. in?" Sungmin, Kyuhyun's roommate, asked as he was getting ready to leave for the bar.

"But I'm working on my paper." Kyuhyun pointed to his computer screen that was cluttered with various windows open and layered along with his current draft for his paper. His desk had even more books and printed pages scattered around on it.

"When is it due again?"

"Next Thursday and I only have it half way done. And I want it done by Tuesday so I can join in on an online campaign in my game."

"There is always a gaming related to reason." Sungmin sighed. "But you can take one night off. Beside you have all of tomorrow off to work on it. If you stare at it too much then you'll get frustrated and not get anywhere, so just take a break to clear your head and start fresh in the morning."


"Jongwoon hyung will be there." Sungmin interrupted before Kyuhyun could argue again. The younger immediately stopped everything he was doing and actually faced his roommate.

"Really? Jongwoon? How did Heechul manage that? I mean we only have a month left of school and he graduates this year so he has to do well in all his classes."

"Blackmail probably. That or kidnap. It's rather easy since they're roommates. So you coming?" Kyuhyun sighed but saved all of his work before turning off the computer and walking back into his room. "I'll take that as a yes. Be quick though, we're already late."

"Seriously? You want me to be quick when you only tell me about it after you take forever to get ready and make yourself late."

"Yeah." Sungmin said with a straight face that Kyuhyun would have loved to have just smacked away.

"Just give me a couple minutes to look like I haven't been slaving over a computer all day."

"But that's what you were doing."


"Sorry, I'm just saying that you were."

"Yes but I don't want to when I go out. Now how late are we already?"

"About an hour." Kyuhyun just silently groaned and just rubbed his face with his hands and pushed aside the idea of murdering his roommate, for he knew what was about to happen at the bar when they arrived.

"Well let's go. If we're any later, Heechul will think you're ditching them." Kyuhyun stated after he deemed himself decent enough to go out in public. Not that it matters anyways since most of them will be drunk before too long. Sungmin jumped up and ran to the door trying to get Kyuhyun to move faster, which only made Kyuhyun teasingly move slower. Sungmin obviously got frustrated and grabbed his roommate and pulled him out of the dorm, barely remembering to lock it afterwards.

"Sungmin! Why are you guys so late?" Heechul shouted across the bar the moment they walked in.

"Sorry hyung, Kyuhyun took forever to get ready." Sungmin apologized as he sat down and ordered a drink.

"How did I know you were going to blame me? Oh right, maybe because you only invited me about a minute before you were going to walk out the door and then told me you were already an hour late."

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Sungmin tried to deny in order to keep with his story, which Kyuhyun just rolled his eyes to and choosing to go sit in the empty seat by Jongwoon instead.

"Hey. I heard Heechul managed to blackmail you into coming tonight."

"Yeah, he threatened to burn all my work for my thesis so far if I didn't. I'm finally close to finishing it, there is no way I am starting it over. I need to have it done next week anyways so that my professor can look it over and decide if I pass this class or not and so whether I get to graduate in three weeks or have to take it again."

"Is your thesis all you have left?" Kyuhyun asked and ordered a drink of his own after seeing what Jongwoon himself had been drinking.

"No, I have a couple of short papers left, plus exams but those won't be as difficult to get done. Probably just two days for each paper and my exams won't be that bad. Everything for my graduation is based on this thesis."

"You could stay at my dorm for the next couple weeks if you need to get your work away from Heechul. Sungmin probably won't mind, he's used to me sitting at the dorm working on papers."

"Thanks but my thesis stuff is all over the dorm, there is no way I would be able to move it and put it back up properly. The long wall behind the couch in the living room is now just covered with papers and color coded string to link everything together and show all the relationships and yeah, it's a mess. That's why no one has been over to our dorm for the last couple of months or so."

"I'm surprised that Heechul let you put those up." Kyuhyun laughed since Heechul was known for having a strict control on the decorating of their dorm.

"I put the first couple up when he wasn't home and told him it would only be a small thing and be down pretty quickly, and well now he doesn't have a choice but to accept it as it is."


"So how are your papers coming."

"I should be done with them soon. Though I'm taking a break for a couple days next week to join a campaign with one of my games. But I'll have this paper done by then."

"Always basing everything you do around a game."

"Well not everything. But hey, it makes me get my work done faster." Kyuhyun said and watched as Jongwoon ordered another drink. "How many is that now?"

"This?" He asked pointing to his new drink, to which Kyuhyun nodded. "It's my second, but I've been drinking fairly slowly."

"I thought you never went past one."

"Well I'm stressed and Heechul got me here already, so might as well drink a couple more than usual."

"Just don't expect Heechul to take care of your hangover tomorrow."

"I know." The thing about Jongwoon, is that he can't hold his alcohol and so Heechul is the only one who has seen him actually get drunk. Most of the time, Jongwoon refuses to drink at all, and if he does drink it's only one small drink at most. So for him to drink up to six full drinks is surprising to Kyuhyun. Though Kyuhyun doesn't stop him at all, since this is the first time he's seeing it so he is curious as to how Jongwoon gets when he's totally drunk out of his mind.

"Jongwoon can I ask you something." Kyuhyun nervously asked after he finished his third drink. Jongwoon just looked over at him and raised an eyebrow. "Do you like anyone? I'm just curious."

"I don't have time to even think about liking anyone." Jongwoon said harshly.

"Sorry...But what if someone liked you? What if they confessed?"

"Who the hell do you know, who likes me? Why are you asking me all of these stupid questions?"

"Umm, well it's just..."

"Kyuhyun just say it." Jongwoon growled, glaring at the younger.

"Me. I like you, Jongwoon. I have liked you for a while but haven't had the courage to say it."

"Really? You have to be kidding me! You have time to think about liking anything aside from your computer games."

"But, Jongwoon..." Kyuhyun was speechless. Never had he seen the older act like this, even when he was angry, he was still careful about everything he said to his friends.

"What? You going to say you're being serious? Don't pull pranks like that on me."

"It's not." Kyuhyun was trying to hold back from crying. His hyung was always so nice and caring and never got mad at Kyuhyun ever. So for Jongwoon to yell at him, it is almost heartbreaking. Not being able to take any of it anymore, Kyuhyun decides to leave only giving a quick wave to Sungmin before he does. Sungmin, panicking at the look on his roommate's face, rushes after him, waiting until they got home to talk.

"Hey, what happened? Kyuhyun? Kyuhyun, talk to me." Sungmin began asking the moment they walked through the door.

"Sorry Sungmin, but I would rather not talk about it right now. I'm just going to go to bed."

"Alright. Good night then." Sungmin was worried and not sure what to do but let Kyuhyun close himself into his room until the next morning.


"Kyu? Can you tell me now? What happened at the bar?" Sungmin asked nervously. He knew if he pushed too hard, Kyuhyun would get annoyed.

"I tried to confess."

"To Jongwoon? Really? What did he say?" To say Sungmin was shocked was an understatement. He knew that the younger had a crush on Jongwoon but he never guessed that he would actually confess it, at least without someone else saying Jongwoon thought the same.

"Yeah, but he didn't believe me and was angry for some reason and just yelled at me."

"No way. Jongwoon did that? There is no way he could do that. I mean unless you really make him mad, he is always so considerate. But I wouldn't think that confessing would make him mad. Are you sure it wasn't just bad timing?"

"Well he was fine when I got there and we were just talking about random things, school, our papers, how crazy Heechul can be, and then he all of a sudden just got angry."

"How much did he drink? I know I saw him drink a couple."

"I think the count was up to about six when I left. He was working on his seventh."

"Seven!" Sungmin could have fainted from the shock. "We're lucky if we get him to drink one, how could he drink seven? Now, I really don't think he got mad at you. Something had to upset him to make him drink that much. Call him and see if he can clear things up."

"I don't know." Kyuhyun was unsure, he didn't want Jongwoon to be mad at him and have their whole friendship broken because Kyuhyun decided to confess. "I'm going to work on my paper. I would like it done by tonight."

"Uh, alright." Sungmin watched as Kyuhyun walked away back to his work desk, a little uneasy about how Kyuhyun was acting. After Sungmin took a minute to gather himself, he pulled out his phone and immediately called Hangeng.


"Hi, sorry, I figured you were the only one sober and not with a serious hangover. Did Jongwoon by any chance say anything about last night?"

"Last night? I don't think so, he's still sleeping. But he was acting odd last night. Just seemed to be angry at everything."

"Well have him call Kyuhyun when he gets up please."


Sungmin said good bye and hung up his phone, not knowing what to do now. He would just have to wait until Jongwoon called Kyuhyun to see if everything works out.

"Sungmin? Why are you pacing?" Kyuhyun finally asks after watching the older pace back and forth for the last twenty out of the corner of his eye.

"Sorry, I'm just anxious and just don't have something to keep me occupied."

"Go take a jog or something then."

"No, I can't do that." Kyuhyun didn't bother asking why and just pushed it off as being one of Sungmin's weird quirks.

"Well could you at least do it somewhere else? You're kind of distracting." Kyuhyun asked after another five minutes.

"But I don't have anywhere else with enough room for me to pace like this." Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and tried to ignore the older but found it difficult. He was almost happy when his phone rang.

"Hello? Hi Jongwoon."

"Jongwoon? Put it on speaker." Sungmin ordered pushing Kyuhyun half off his chair so he could hear the conversation as well.

"Um, hi Sungmin. Anyways, sorry for calling so suddenly, Hangeng asked me to call you when I could. Finally my headache is mostly gone and I can actually think again."

"Well you did drink a lot more than usual."

"Yeah, how much exactly did I drink? Last night is mostly a haze. I remember us talking and then you left in a hurry a bit later."

"Really? You don't remember last night?"

"Yeah I know we talked about school for a while and that's it. Why did you leave suddenly? Or was I imagining that?"

"Oh, I just wasn't feeling that great and didn't want a hangover so I could work today." Kyuhyun lied, but mouthed 'He forgot!' to Sungmin.

"Oh well that's better than I'm doing. Hopefully I'll be able to work a little later. But hey uh Heechul wants to talk to you I guess."

Sungmin and Kyuhyun could faintly hear as Heechul steals the phone and kicks Jongwoon out of the room so he could talk to the other two.

"So what actually happened. I mean I know he got angry cause he was drunk, but what did you do that made you leave in a hurry?"

"I confessed to him."

"Really? You actually did it? But why would you pick when he was drunk?"

"I didn't know and I had been trying to build up the courage and at that point it was a now or never."

"But why was Jongwoon so angry?" Sungmin asked.

"Well I've only gotten him completely drunk out of his mind once and that was when his dad was in the hospital. But apparently he becomes an angry drunk. Angry at everything even if he doesn't mean it. He was saying so many bad things about his family just because he was drunk and frustrated, but he really didn't mean any of it. So don't take his reaction seriously. And think of it this way, now you have a second chance."

"But how? I mean, I barely had the courage last night, how am I going to do it again?"

"Well next we we're going out drinking again, just make sure he doesn't drink so much this time."

"But won't he just stick to his usual one drink anyway?"

"Sungmin, he will have just turned in his thesis which his entire graduation is weighed on. Trust me, he will be drinking."

"Okay, fine I'll try again, but stop him short. Happy?"

"Good luck. I'll text you the details later in the week."

"See, everything is going to be fine. You'll just finish your papers and your campaign for your game, then confess to him and everyone lives happy every after."

"Sungmin, you want too many dramas and sappy romance movies." Sungmin beamed, and couldn't stop giggling. Kyuhyun just stared at him and then down at the chair they were still uncomfortably sharing. "Min, do you mind, you know, getting out of my chair!" Kyuhyun shouted as he pushed the older of the chair and onto the floor. "Now go somewhere, I need to finish this."

"Fine." Sungmin pouted but left anyways, leaving Kyuhyun to himself.


"Kyuhyun, you look like you haven't slept in like a week." Heechul said the moment he saw Kyuhyun and Sungmin walk into the bar the following week.

"Pretty close actually. I haven't been able to focus on my paper so I ended up working on it late into the night before it was do and completely missed my campaign."

"The one on Tuesday?"


"That was a fun campaign, I can't believe you missed it." Kyuhyun just glared at the older, refusing to allow him to say anything more about it.

"I really hate you sometimes."

"Okay, well just be careful of how much Jongwoon drinks and take your chance to confess again. Good luck, he's really anxious, so it'll take a bit to fully get his attention. Seriously, it took me next to no work to get him here today."

"That bad?" Sungmin asked.

"Yeah. He could not sit still and was basically pacing around the house and just was annoying me. I just tied a string around his wrist and basically walked him around like a puppy. Only way he sat down was after he ordered a drink." The two just shared a look before turning back to Kyuhyun and each placing a hand on his shoulders.

"Fighting!" They shouted in unison before they pushed him to Jongwoon.

"Hi Kyu-tie. You going to join me for a drink tonight?"

"Um, yeah, just one for me tonight." Kyuhyun was already uneasy by the older's behavior and not sure what to do. "How many have you had?" He asked pointing to Jongwoon's empty glass.

"Three. I just ordered my fourth when you walked in."

"Well, let's call this your last one, alright? We don't want a repeat of last week."

"Your words are no fun, but with a face like that, how can I argue?" By the time Kyuhyun finished his one and only drink, he swears Jongwoon had flirted with every single guy in the bar. Even more surprising was that he even flirted with a couple of girls, when he has never had interest in girls.

"So have you told him yet?" Sungmin asks, bouncing over with Hangeng and Heechul, obviously already a little tipsy.

"No and I'm not sure I want to. I doubt I would get rejected like last time, but I really don't think I'll like the response."

"Just do it. If he's a jerk about it, Hangeng can just beat him up and make sure he doesn't remember tomorrow." Sungmin suggested.

"I am not getting in the middle of this. I;, here to make sure those two get home safely and baby-sit Heechul."

"Hey! I don't need to be babysat!" Heechul shout at his boyfriend who just raised his eyebrow in response. "Fine but not as bad as you make it seem."

"Okay, back to my problem. How am I suppose to confess to a guy who seems to be trying to pick up a random guy?"

"Kidnap? Or be the guy he picks up? Either way, I kind of like this Jongwoon, you sure we can't keep him this way?" All three just stared at Heechul and Kyuhyun even smacked him in the back of the head.

"Heechul, be serious, we cannot keep this weird flirty version of Jongwoon. I think someone should grab him. He looks like he's going to get himself killed." Sungmin mentioned as they all looked back at their drunk friend.

"Ah, he can handle himself."

"But drunk?"

"Who knows but it's either confess now or risk him picking up some guy we don't know, or getting his face punched in." Kyuhyun didn't know what to do. He kept looking back and forth between his friends and Jongwoon, who had been chatting up the same guy for about ten minutes now. Sungmin rolled his eyes at his roommate's hesitation and just pushed him instead when he wasn't looking.

"Just go!"

"But what if he accepts my confession but then doesn't remember in the morning?"

"Then Heechul will remind him."

"Or you could just take him home with you. I think he would get the hint then." Heechul suggested, earning him another smack to the back of his head by Sungmin. "Stop hitting me!" Kyuhyun ignored Heechul and was tempted to just runaway. The door wasn't too far and his friends wouldn't be able to catch him in time. But unfortunately Jongwoon already spotted him and waved him over.

"Kyu. You have to meet Jungsu. Oh and his somewhat stuck up boyfriend Youngwoon. Which is unfortunate because it seems that all the cute guys here tonight are taken. Well except for you Kyu. My little Kyu-tie."

"Hi Kyu. It's nice to meet you." Jungsu said with a little bit of a hiccup.

"Sorry, that one can't hold his alcohol very well. And from what I gather neither can your flirty friend here. You're lucky he knows when to quit asking a guy out." Kyuhyun assumed that must be Youngwoon and he didn't seem to pleased about Jongwoon's presence around his boyfriend.

"I'm sorry too. It's a little new to us to see him drunk so it's difficult keeping him under control. Has he had anything to drink?"

"You mean more than he already has?" Youngwoon asked just staring dumbfounded at Kyuhyun.

"Yeah. I cut him off earlier."

"Then no. Jungsu asked him if he wanted one and he said "I can't I promised my Kyu-tie that I wouldn't." I'm guessing that you would be the 'Kyu-tie'."

"Probably, since he seems to keep calling me that. But I'll get him out of your way now."

"Where are we going? I want to stay with Jungsu, he's such a sweetie and you keep being such a downer tonight."

"I need to talk with you. Jungsu will be here later. Besides I think his boyfriend would like to get him home to sober up."

"Fine but let us trade numbers first." Kyuhyun sighed but allowed them to do as they please. Youngwoon looked relieved when Kyuhyun took Jongwoon away, and finally stopped looking like he was going to kill someone.

"Jongwoon. I have something important to tell you. So I need you to focus for a moment." Kyuhyun said the moment he got Jongwoon to a slightly more secluded corner, though he could still see his friends watching them intently.

"Whatever you say Kyu-tie. I'm all yours."

"Well that's the thing. I want you to really be all mine. I like you Jongwoon."

"Awe, I like you too Kyuhyun. You're my Kyu-tie so of course I like you." Jongwoon flashed Kyuhyun a bright smile, but Kyuhyun knew that Jongwoon didn't understand exactly what he meant.

"No, I mean I really like you. Seriously." Kyuhyun could see that Jongwoon was still not understanding him. "Nevermind, forget I said anything." And Kyuhyun was out the door before anyone could do anything.


"Kyuhyun? Heechul says he doesn't remember anything again. Not even that guy he was talking to for so long last night."

"Good. It's probably better that they didn't talk. I think there was a good chance that his boyfriend would've attempted to kill Jongwoon." Kyuhyun barely looked up at Sungmin, instead he focused on studying for his exams that were coming up in the week.

"I'm sorry." Sungmin tried to give Kyuhyun a hug from behind, but Kyuhyun just pushed him away.

"Don't bother. It's just my fault for getting a crush on the guy who can't hold his alcohol yet wants to drink a lot whenever I want to admit my feelings. But who's surprised? Certainly not me. Nope. Not surprised at all."


"I mean what's going to happen next time? I mean Heechul is going to have a graduation party when all the finals are done and the get scores are posted. What Jongwoon will I get that time? A Jongwoon that is your stereotypical drunk who just slurs everything and becomes the guy that will do anything like dance embarrassingly in the middle of a party, and then manages to trip into everything and can barely keep himself standing?"

And that is exactly what Kyuhyun walked in to find at Heechul's party a week and a half later. Kyuhyun had other plans throughout the day so was rather late to the party. It wasn't hard to find Jongwoon, especially since he has a rather noticeable laugh that Kyuhyun heard the moment he walked through the door.

"Hey, what took you so long?" Sungmin greeted having already gone ahead to the party without him.

"Sorry, things just took longer than I thought they would, but I'm here. I easily could've gone home and just not come here at all."

"Well that would've been boring. Unfortunately though we tried to keep Jongwoon at one drink but he sneaked one more past us. Though I'm certain that he hasn't has another one...yet."

"Thanks Sungmin. I'm not even sure it's worth the effort tonight."

"But Kyuhyun, the universe is giving you all these chances to do it, and do it right. You can't give up on only after the second try. You have to give it at least one more shot." Sungmin begged, knowing just how much his friend and roommate liked or even loved Jongwoon.

"Fine but this is the last time. It's not worth it if he's just going to keep doing this. But I need a drink first. Liquid courage if you will." Kyuhyun made a bee-line straight for the kitchen to find a beer all the while keeping an eye on Jongwoon. He stood to the side and watched as Jongwoon laughed with everyone, much more enthusiastically than was probably necessary. But he didn't stick with any group for very long, he was constantly moving around and almost falling over as he tried to walk past people. He crashed into a couple only to start talking and laughing with them as if he just casually bumped into them on the street.

"So guess who came to my party?" Heechul asked taking Kyuhyun out of his focus on Jongwoon.

"Are you being sarcastic and talking about me, or is that a legitimate question?"

"Neither, it was more of a rhetorical question since I don't expect you to know the answer of the top of your head with no hints."

"Okay, then who came to the party?"

"Jongwoon's friend from the bar. It was kind of funny since neither of them remembered the other, yet talked for a little while only to realize that they had each other's numbers in their phones already. Oh you should've seen Youngwoon's face since he remembered everything."

"So I take it that was still when Jongwoon was completely sober." Kyuhyun said once Heechul stopped laughing long enough to pay attention.

"Yeah, he had barely started his first drink at that point."

"But wait, how do you know Youngwoon and Jungsu?"

"Oh I've known Jungsu for years, but he runs in a different circle of friends than Jongwoon and I do, so we don't get together that much. I introduced Jongwoon to them real quick a couple years ago but they must have forgotten that. But he's graduating too so I figured I would invite them over as well. Might even have then come around a little more often as long as it's not too awkward."

"Okay then. Thanks for telling Sungmin and I about them." Heechul just gave Kyuhyun a smile that said he wasn't sorry about it.

"Oh and Jongwoon did the octopus dance before you walked in. It was quite a show. He managed to get Donghae and Hyukjae to dance with him too. You seriously missed some fun coming in late."

"For once I think I'm glad that I missed some of that." Kyuhyun said, setting down his beer and walking out into the main portion of the party to find his crush. It was pretty easy since Kyuhyun never really lost site of him from the kitchen. The hard part was trying to keep his attention. He got a quick 'hi' and goofy smile before Jongwoon walked, well walked as well as he could without falling over himself, to another group of people. If someone was watching him, Kyuhyun would have said he probably looked liked a lost puppy following Jongwoon around, trying to get his attention.

Finally Kyuhyun got annoyed and grabbed the older while he was between groups and pulled him outside on the balcony. It took all Kyuhyun had to keep Jongwoon there, because although Jongwoon might be a bit smaller than Kyuhyun, he was definitely a lot stronger.

"Jongwoon, can you pay attention for just one minute?"

"But Kyuhyun we're missing the party. Why do you want to be out here all alone instead of talking and having fun with everyone in there. Look Shindong is here, I haven't said hi to him yet." Jongwoon slurred that whole sentence so much that Kyuhyun was amazed that he understood it still.

"Forget about everyone else for a moment. I've just got something to say."

"Can't it wait Kyuhyun. It's time for fun. We passed another school year. I'm going to graduate. It's party time." Jongwoon tried to pull away again and Kyuhyun, beyond frustrated at this point just grabbed Jongwoon's chin, turned him back and kissed him. It was a short but forceful kiss and as soon as he backed away, he let go of the older.

"There, that's what I wanted to say. Now you can go back to all your partying and say hi to everyone. I'm done." Kyuhyun was angry, so much so that he didn't bother to look at Jongwoon's expression. He didn't bother to answer any of the question that the shocked Heechul and Sungmin were asking him on his way out of the dorm. He didn't want to deal with anyone or anything. He just gave away his first kiss to a guy he's not even sure will remember it in the morning and if he does, Kyuhyun's not sure the older won't hate him for it.

"Kyuhyun! Did you seriously just do that?" Sungmin shouted, mostly from shock, when he got back to Kyuhyun and his dorm.

"Yes, I did. No need to remind me of it."


"I couldn't keep his attention, so I did something I would hope he would remember. I was so annoyed and words weren't working."

"But a kiss? A rejected confession you can find a way to work past, but a kiss? What if he does remember it? What will you do?"

"I don't know, okay? I'm seriously freaking out about this! I really do not need you to walk in here and yell at me and remind how stupid of a mistake that one little kiss might have been on my relationship with Jongwoon! So just leave me alone!" Kyuhyun shouted and was ready to throw the closest pillow at his roommate.

"Fine. But remember what ever happens, you're on your own now." Sungmin slammed the door behind him, leaving Kyuhyun to sulk by himself.


"Kyuhyun! Are you done pouting? Graduation is today and Jongwoon will be upset if you don't show up." Heechul shouted as he let himself into the dorm, early morning on graduation day. "I have you ticket since Sungmin said that he wasn't talking to you right now. I swear when you two fight, I always have to get in the middle of it."

"Since when have you gotten between one of our fights?"

"Okay, maybe not me directly, but you did stay at my dorm last time and Hangeng fed you since you can't do that very well yourself."

"So basically everyone but you has gotten in the middle of our fights."

"Whatever, just get dressed. Jongwoon will throw a fit if you are not there to see us graduate. And don't give me any of that 'there will be hundreds of people there' crap. Because he will notice if you aren't there. I might even expect a quiz if I were you."

"A quiz, really?"

"I don't know, you're the one with the crush on him, you figure it out."

"What the heck does that mean?" Heechul just shrugged and skipped out of the dorm not giving Kyuhyun an answer. "What is with that guy?"

Although Kyuhyun tried to think of a realistic reason as to why he wouldn't be able to attend graduation, he couldn't. And the thought of how much guilt he would feel from missing it was building up in him stomach, so he had no other choice than to attend.

Sungmin was still annoyed at Kyuhyun and even though they decided to travel together, Sungmin left to sit with his other friends while Kyuhyun found a seat in the corner. If he was lucky, he could sneak out right at the end of the ceremony.

"How long is this going to take?" Kyuhyun mumbled quietly to himself after an hour into the ceremony and they hadn't even begun to had out diplomas. It wasn't much longer until Kyuhyun pulled out his PSP, muting it and turning down the brightness in order to play his game until the end. He glanced up every once in a while to keep track of where they were in the ceremony and when his friends would be walking to get their diplomas. From the program that Kyuhyun got when he walked in, he found out that Heechul and Hangeng would be in an earlier group than Jongwoon. If Jongwoon was first, Kyuhyun would ditch out early, but now he has to stay for the whole ceremony.

The moment it was over Kyuhyun tried his best to get out of the building and preferably back to his dorm before anyone he knew stopped him. Unfortunately for him, Jongwoon was much faster and spotted him before he got too far.


"Hey Jongwoon."

"Trying to sneak out before you were found?"

"How did you figure that out?" Kyuhyun silently cursed that fact that he and Jongwoon had been close for year and that Jongwoon could read him like a book.

"I could see you hiding in the back playing on your PSP. You weren't quiet as hidden as you thought you were. Okay, it did help that I was looking for you."

"Yeah, that usually helps."

"SO are you just avoiding everyone? Or just Sungmin and I?"

"What makes you think I'm avoiding anyone?"

"Well you weren't sitting with Sungmin and you seem to be avoiding me since Heechul's party. You came to that, right?"

"Yeah, I just stopped in real quick."

"Well how about we go out for some coffee? And that way you can prove that you are not avoiding me." Jongwoon suggested, pausing to accept a couple of congratulations from friends and professors. "My parents and brother couldn't make it up here for the ceremony so I'm celebrating with them tomorrow."

"Coffee?" Kyuhyun thought about it for a moment. "Yeah, coffee sounds good."

"Good." Jongwoon mentioned the cafe around the corner which Kyuhyun agreed to. "You know the other reason I really thought you might have been avoiding me, is because of something Heechul told me." Jongwoon said once they started walking.

"What did Heechul tell you?" Kyuhyun was becoming a little nervous, he could never know what Heechul was going to say or reveal at any moment. It really made it difficult to trust him with secrets.

"Well the morning after the party he told me that if I was trying to convince you to never drink again, that I was doing a real good job at it." Jongwoon gave a nervous laugh as he ordered their drinks.

"I don't think you're going to get me to stop drinking ever. Though maybe not with you anymore."

"Sorry. I guess it was just nerves getting to me. I can't think of any other reason I would drink so much. And it's even worse that I did it so many times in a row."

"Yeah, we got to see some interesting sides to you." Kyuhyun said quietly just staring down at his coffee.

"Did I do something, Kyu? Or better yet, did I drunk me do something? Something that I forgot because I was drunk? Because if that's the case then I want you to tell me so we can fix it. I don't want our years of friendship to be thrown out of the window because I was drunk."

"At least if I told you, you would remember it this time." Kyuhyun said spitefully.


"Do you know how hard it is to tell someone something, only to have them forget it the next day? Even worse for them to give you a negative response in the first place that almost makes you glad they forgot?"

"Kyuhyun, what happened?" Jongwoon asked again, but it went unheard.

"More so, when it take everything you have to actually come out and say it, just to be rejected and forgotten. It really sucks. And it really drives you insane."

"Wait? Did you try to confess to me?" Jongwoon asked, shocked. "Wait did you kiss me at Heechul's party? I had a feeling someone did, but Heechul wouldn't tell me anything." Kyuhyun froze and said nothing, trying his best to avoid eye contact with the older. "That's it, isn't it. You confessed....and more then once...and I was a jerk about it." Kyuhyun nods. "I'm sorry, I really am. Kyuhyun, I would never reject you if I was thinking straight. You know I would never want to hurt you, right?"

"Yeah, I know, though it was harder to remind myself that after each time. After getting laughed at, not believed and then you not wanting to pay attention to me at all the last time...which is why I resorted to kissing you." Kyuhyun was practically twiddling his thumbs, not sure where this conversation was going.

"Well maybe you should give the confessing one last try. Coffee is always better to confess with than alcohol anyways." Kyuhyun's head snapped up as he looked at the older just smirking back at him. Kyuhyun bit his lip, unsure if he should go ahead and do it or not.

"Just confess already! Or you know, kiss him again." Both looked over in shock at the voice, only to find Heechul sitting with Hangeng, Sungmin, Jungsu, and Youngwoon at the table next to theirs.

"When did you guys get here?" Kyuhyun asked.

"Thirty seconds after you. We followed you guys here, eager to find out what was going to happen. So yes, we did hear the whole thing."

"So is an actual confession going to happen or are we just going to say yay you're a couple now?" Sungmin asked.

"I don't know, you'll have to ask Kyuhyun, unless he wants me to do the confessing this time." Kyuhyun looked back at Jongwoon in shock, not believing what he was hearing. "You heard me right. I indirectly just admitted to liking you as well. Though I thought that was the second time now. But yes, Kyuhyun, I like you. I have for a while but wasn't ready to tell you between not knowing how you felt and just all the work on my thesis. And well if you were to have rejected me, I'm not sure I would have finished that thesis. So Kyuhyun, will you accept my confession?" Kyuhyun didn't need to say anything but just nodded almost on the verge of tears. Jongwoon leaned across the table to kiss Kyuhyun but stopped as he noticed all the eyes on them. So instead he took one of the menus to block their view and really give Kyuhyun a proper kiss unlike the one from the other night.

"Wait. Does this make me the only single one here now?" Sungmin asked as he looked at the three couples and pouted and causing everyone else to laugh and try to comfort him.

A/N: First HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIANCA UNNIE!^^♥  Yes that called for caps lock.
and of course a Happy birthday to the eternal Magnae Ryeowook....who somehow managed to not be in this fic....don't ask me how because I only realized it after I finished writting it.
Okay Unnie asked for sad with a happy ending so I hope feeling really bad for Kyuhyun is sad enough...I really tried to make you feel really bad to the point of just wanting to grab him and hug him (not that we don't want to do that no matter what) not sure if I succeded in that or not.
If there are any majorly confusing spots or errors, please point them out so I can find them and fix them. (Too ADD right now to read through every sentence carefully.)


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Woohooo :D I'm hereeeee~~!

Sorry for being late, as usual x.x I was going to finish reading when I woke up, but my BF took all my time ,and when he left, and I just booted the computer to read, my parents already arrived (1 hour early O.o;;) And the visitors finally left, so here I am ^^ Read this during my birthday, so it's perfectly timed, right?! :D

Awww, you succeeded! I wanted to hug Kyuhyun after every weird Jongwoon-action XD Though I really loved angry Jongwoon. I dunno why, but it's my favorite Jongwoon-character. Angry/aggresive/mysterious/evil Jongwoon = THE BEST. But that's probably because people tend to write Jongwoon as insecure/shy and blabla. While it's a fact that Jongwoon can be quite aggresive/mad/evil, but okay xP Everyone his own taste right? It's a story anwyay :9

ANYWAY, Kyuhyun was adorable ^^ He tried so hard ,but dummy him should have known that confessing to a drunk person isn't going to work. Not even with a kissXD Except in movies. Kyuhyun, a fanfic is no movie you idiot. I thought it was sweet he missed his game thing though, and Heechul (if I remember correctly) was telling him how great it had been ROFL. I was like "HAHA" XD And I "AWWWWW"ed at the kiss, because that was just ADORABLE. Stupid him ran away after that, ㅡㅡ I "grrrr"ed at that. And then Sungmin was mad at him, which was just mean XD The poor boy is desperate, don't fight your friend when he's having troubles Sungmin.

And at the end :'D Just cute <3 I can totally feel Kyuhyun's "Fuck he knows" feeling, and his relief and shock to hear Jongwoon feels the same way :D It's a sweet ending <3

I really loved it :D And lots of respect to you for being able to write such wonderful stories <3 and even posted it right when my birthday started <3 Really sweet :D Thanks Liz <3 thank you, thank you, thank youuuu <3 ^^

Yay! I see =D

Well it was earlier than I was expecting from your original estimate. haha XD Parents like to be early, it's just how they are. Well mine are like that...most of the time...My mom is usually right on time. ^^" I know, isn't my timing just amazing :p hehe

I couldn't figure out a way to make it lke angsty to the point of tears like some of yours are (*cough miss queen of angst cough*) ^^ SO this was the sad I could get. I wasnted to just hug him and pet his hair and tell him it's alright and that Woonie loves him.
I don't get why everyone always gives Jongwoon the weak/innocent/cutesy/shy guy. Sure he is awkward on shows and doesn't like to be alone, but he's one of the strongest members. Heck, he beat Kangin in a small kickboxing fight back in the day. But if I had a favorite Jongwoon it would be angry Jongwoon(followed closely by protective big brother Jongwoon). Just his glare is pure sexiness.

Well yeah, confessing when the guy is sober would be logical, but you know logic just goes out the window with these two. Probably why we're mostly stuck with stares....Not sure I always want to know what is running through their heads when they stare at each other and then don't do anything. I mean they don't have to go as far as Eunhae (though it would be nice) but they could do SOMETHING!
Some of our fics becoming movies....that's a scary thought....
What world would we live in if Heechul didn't brag about attending a game event when Kyu couldn't.
Tension, frustration, Kyuhyun himself not sure why he just did what he did and not wanting to hear it from Sungmin.... not to mention end of school year stress have been built up and not yet know, it was just time to explode.

Not only "fuck he knows" but also "shit did I just say that". You know me, I'm always good for sweet endings. (though they always have that weird thing at the end to get once last laugh....oh Sungmin...) ^^

Yay! Thank you unnie^^ it means more when you think that they are wonderful. I try but I'm still always nervous about the reaction. (SO glad that you cannot see the faces I am making while typing this.)
You're welcome Unnie^^ if you love it then I did my job.


That was cute ^^

I felt bad for Kyu but got my happy ending, so I'm happy AND you did right for your friend XD

Thanks for this ^^

Thank you^^ I know I can always count on a comment from you. I almost feel like I need to make you a spot^^

You should know I can't write a truly sad ending. They always have to have light and happy endings.^^ (well her comment says I did well too.) But I'm glad you liked it too.^^


I'm happy you remember me ^^

Yeah, I know, I like it ♥ Happy endings are the best xD

Happy birthday to your friend !

Hi Liz^^ I finally commented XD

I've always been wondering how a drunk Yesung will act XD and you showed me another possibility! hahaha!
Different states of being a drunkard XD
yay! Kyu managed to confess to Jongwoon~

thank you for writing this^^ fighting Liz!

Hi Rhen! ^^ Yay^^

That was definitely the question. I had to ask a couple of friends what they thought because I really didn't know what a Drunk Yesung would be like.
The different states would have to be blammed on 1. getting three different anwers from friends, and 2. an old video I saw of the Japanese singer Gackt.
Took long enought, huh? ^^ haha it was more sad yet dramatic that way.

You're welcome Rhen. THanks for reading^^


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