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A Vampire's Wrath 5/?
Title: A Vampire's Wrath 5/?
Pairing: Kyusung. (Some Hanchul, Yunjae and others on the side.)
Rating: PG-13 (A tiny bit of cussing and action/death.)
Disclaimer: I'm from Ohio...not too many hot korean idols to own or make money of off. So do you think I'm doing that with these boys?...didn't think so
Summary: Tensions have always been high between Kyuhyun and Jongwoon's clans, but have things gone too far? Enough to start a war? Or is it a set-up?


"Wait. Let me get this straight. Those guys who were staying here at the inn are members of the Cantong clan?" Ryeowook was placing back in forth in his room while Kyuhyun was just sitting down on the bed trying to explain everything to Ryeowook.


"But your clans hate each other?"


"And yet you still allowed them into your town."


"Even more, now you're helping them?"


"I don't get it." Ryeowook said as he fell back into his desk chair.

"It's not that hard to understand." Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. "Can you pass me a new pen? Oh, and the scissors." He was working on something though it was a little difficult to make out what it was.

"Here." Ryeowook pulled out a new pen and pair of scissors from his desk, handing them to the vampire. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, I said some things to Zhoumi that I shouldn't have so I'm making him an apology present so that things aren't bad between us while we're on the mission."

"Right, the mission."

"Wookie, really it's not that hard to understand. You've read all about the history of our lands and the war. Everything comes back down to the treaty. Well that and the fact that we think that it will help find some of our missing clansmen as well. And who knows, maybe this mission will restore the relationship between the two clans. You know, from total hatred to just friendly rivals like it was before the war."

"You remember that the only thing I don't know is the treaty? Only guards and high level vampires are allowed to read it. And a human, like myself, is neither of those."

"Well you did read about the vampire laws of tradition, right?" Ryeowook nodded. "Well after the war, many of those laws had been broken including the law that if a clan was in trouble and reach out to another clan, the second clan must help. But with the war that had to be amended in the treaty. So the treaty states that if the Cantong comes to our town, we must permit them council with the lord, especially if the reason for the Cantong's visit is something that could put us at war if we were to refuse. It's a little more complicated then that, but that's the basic idea."

"Doesn't that mean that the treaty basically screwed you guys over."

"Not really, I mean, it did, but it screwed them over too. We forced an entire unwilled change of lifestyle on them. Neither clan was going to agree to the treaty unless it was equally harsh on each clan."

"I still can't believe that you're agreeing to help so easily though. I mean, they happily hunt humans, and here I am, your best friend, a human."

"Can you blame them though. They're vampires, it's nothing wrong in our society. In fact, my clan is the odd one out. For the longest time, humans were our main food source and my clan were the ones who changed. They're just wanting to stick to traditions that have been around for many centuries. So does that really make them wrong. I don't want them to hunt humans but I can't blame them for the desire."

"Did you really just say that?" Ryeowook was beyond shocked, to think is best friend was defending the Cantong's desire to hunt humans, was something he couldn't understand.

"Ryeowook. I don't want anyone hunting humans. I don't believe it's right, but I know vampire history and traditions. I also watched as my parents and aunts and uncles and any older vampire in the clan go through withdrawal from it as well before they passed away. Switching to an all animal blood diet after human blood being the main part of one's diet is not easy. My sister thinks that the reason many of the older vampires in the clan died so young, almost making us start with a fresh generation here, is because of the switch in diet. The rest of us were still fairly young that it didn't matter as much, though it will take some time before we really know. Jongwoon says that their medics are studying that as well since the same thing happened to them."

"You sure are awfully close to a guy who pinned you down and was threatening to kill you just a few days ago."

"I've just gotten to talk to him a bit. Besides, I feel like I owe him. I found his brother but ran when I thought that the killer may have returned. My scent was there and fresh when they found him, so that's why he attacked me. It was just a misunderstanding."

"I still think you're taking this too lightly."

"Are you saying you're worried about me?"

"I'm not worried!" Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow at Ryeowook's sudden outburst and waited for him to calm down and continue. "I know you can take care of yourself. And I know you'll have Jaejoong and Zhoumi with you, so I'm not worried. I just don't trust them. I can't just trust someone from their clan."

"Why not? Is it not good enough that I trust them? Do you not trust my judgement?" Kyuhyun was annoyed that his best friend apparently didn't trust him and was ready to storm out of the house when Ryeowook stopped him.

"Wait, that's not it. I do trust you but it's hard to think that anyone from that clan could be trustworthy."

"Is there something that you haven't told me before?" Kyuhyun questioned. Ryeowook was hesitant and noticeably having a mental debate on whether to tell Kyuhyun or not. With a sigh, he finally spoke up.

"My family is not originally from this town. My great grandmother moved my family here when my grandmother was still young after our town had been attacked by the Cantong clan."

"Why haven't you told me about this before?"

"It wasn't important before. You disliked their clan the same as I did and that's all that mattered. I didn't need to go into any further detail as to why. The fact that they had no problems with hunting humans was reason enough."

"You're still my best friend and this would have been a nice thing to know. It would've been easier to understand your hatred of them even after I say they're okay."

"Sorry, I just figured that it wasn't needed information. I couldn't exactly foresee this event happening."

"Alright, well tell me about it." Ryeowook just froze and looked over at the other in confusion.


"Tell me about it. Then maybe we can figure it out and help you think differently towards them at least somewhat. I'm not saying you have to like them but remember that they are the same as everyone else in the fact that they are not all the same. Wow that could be a little confusing."

"Thanks Kyuhyun but I really don't think you're going to change my mind, but if you want to know, I'll tell you." Ryeowook said as he saw the vampire ready to argue again.

"I'm all ears."

"Okay well I read my grandmother's diary a few years ago and she talks about living in this very boring town. She said that there was no real apparent reason for it but it was just a dull place and it's name was rather fitting."

"Wait, don't tell me this town was Hoesaek."

"Yeah, that's it. How did you know?"

"I'm sorry Wookie, but could we borrow your grandmother's diary?"

"Wait, why?" Ryeowook was confused as he saw his best friend suddenly get up and start pacing the room like he often did when he was trying to figure something out.

"She wrote about everything in there right? All about the attack and when it happened. Details about the attackers as well?"

"Uh yeah she was pretty descriptive. Kyuhyun what's going on?"

"That town. Years ago it just vanished and now it's the center of many of the attacks." Jongwoon answered, scaring both of the rooms occupants.

"When did you get here?" Kyuhyun asked after a minute.

"Long enough to hear that you were talking about Hoesaek."

"That long? Why didn't you say anything?"

"I was going to wait until you took a break in your conversation but you paused before answering him so I answered instead." Jongwoon answered not finding anything wrong with what he did.

"What are you doing here?"

"And how did you get in?" Ryeowook added.

"Well Ahra had asked me to get you and when I told that to the woman downstairs she sent me here."

"What did Ahra want?"

"Something about dinner with everyone or something. She was ranting about stuff about patients in between asking me to get you. I really couldn't tell what was part of her ranting and what was aimed towards me aside from getting you. And that's saying something since Heechul's my best friend."

"Okay, she does that sometimes."

"Well now that that is settled, who exactly are you and what do you know about Kyuhyun's job?"

"I'm Jongwoon and it's my job too."

"Is this the Cantong who pinned you down the other day?" Ryeowook asked turning his attention to Kyuhyun.

"Um, yeah." Kyuhyun said quietly hoping that Ryeowook wouldn't do anything to hurt Jongwoon.

"Is that why you want the diary? To help him? No way. Not happening."

"But Ryeowook! It's not JUST to help him. We could be helping Junsu as well and any one else who has lost someone. Don't you at least want to help them?"

"Not if it means helping the likes of him. Just leave Kyuhyun."

"Wookie!" Kyuhyun could do nothing but let the human push him out the door, afraid that if he fought back he would end up hurting Ryeowook. "Please Wookie. I really need your help. We need to know what happened and you have something that could be the key to getting those answers and saving lives. Wookie! What if it was me? What if I were to be among the missing or even possibly killed. That diary might stop it." Kyuhyun pleaded from the hallway knowing that Ryeowook could still hear him past the door.

"I don't think you're going to change his mind right now. You can try again later when I'm not around."

"I'm sorry he really doesn't like your clan. Almost more than anyone in my clan. I'm not sure if he'll ever come around. But I really hope he does."

"He's a human who has lived among your clan. I cannot say that I am surprised. Don't worry, I'm not offended. Just give him time." Jongwoon gave him a pat on the back before heading downstairs to continue what they are suppose to be doing.

"Kyuhyun? What is going on? I heard you shouting. Are you and Wookie fighting?" Ryeowook's mother asked once they made it downstairs.

"I'm sorry, I was just asking for too much I guess."

"What were you asking for? Maybe I can help."

"I don't know. It's his feelings for the Cantong clan that I can't do anything about." Both Ryeowook's mother and Kyuhyun sighed and she asked Kyuhyun hold on for a moment as she went to grab something.

"He learned that from reading your history along with my mother's diary. Though I must tell you, she herself never harbored any real hatred for the clan. The group she speaks of, yes, were of the Cantong clan. However, since he never spoke to his grandmother, he never found out that the group had separated from the clan."

"You mean they went rouge?" Jongwoon asked.

"Yes. Please take the diary. I'll speak to him. I over heard you saying that it may save lives, so please do so." She said and handed over the diary to Kyuhyun.

"Thank you."

"So I take it you do not dislike my clan?"

"No. I do not agree with your beliefs but that is no reason to hate someone." Ryeowook's mother stated giving Jongwoon and pat on the back and wished them luck in their mission.

"Are you going to talk to Ryeowook before we leave?" Jongwoon asked Kyuhyun once they were on their way back to the manor like Ahra had requested.

"Yeah. I should I don't want to leave knowing that he's mad at me. Don't worry I'll handle it. Though I don't think he'll be happy that his mother handed over the diary to us."

"Well there is nothing we can do about it. As much as it seems like you went behind his back, you didn't and we needed that diary anyway."

"I know. Let's just get it to the others." Kyuhyun stayed silent for the remainder of the walk to the manor only speaking up to greet everyone and give the diary to Zhoumi.

"A diary? What is this for?" Zhoumi looked puzzled as he looked over the diary.

"That's Ryeowook's grandmother's diary. She lived in Hoesaek when she was younger and left when it was attacked by a rouge group of Cantong vampires. We ourselves have yet to look at it, but it might give some insight into what exactly happened to the town." Jongwoon explained

"Do you think the attack may have a correlation with the town's disappearance?" Jaejoong asked, knowing that it was already on everyone's mind.

"That's what we'll have to look into when we get to Cantong tomorrow. We'll analyze the events in the diary with my father's maps and journals as well as the clan's history." K.Will added, taking the diary and safely putting it with the rest of the already packed materials.

"If a group of our clansmen went rouge then it should have been recorded. Their actions afterwards might not have but we should still be able to compare dates." Yunho added.

"Guys, it's dinner time." Ahra called from the formal dinning room where everything had been set up. Ahra had decided that they needed to have an official send off dinner for everyone who was leaving, though the group was ready to disagree but Ahra would have none of it. Henry was the only one who had not been part of the meetings and had no idea what was going on to actually be there. Although Zhoumi would say differently, the content look on his face and the never ending hand holding with the young human told everyone that he was glad to spend one last dinner with Henry. There were so many questions and mysteries surrounding this mission that none of them were sure exactly what might happen. They couldn't even tell the level of danger to assure that they will be alright. Everything about it was becoming overwhelming.

"Henry, you're so quiet, don't be afraid to join in on a conversation." Yunho stated trying to get the young human to join in.

"Sorry. I'm just nervous around people I don't know. And what we have been told about your clan has never been too good."

"I don't know what exactly you are told so I can't say they are false. But we are vampires living out our days just as the Pyeonhwa clan does. Even though this is not our home, the differences are not that great."

"And what we hope for humans to actually understand, since it's becoming clear that we won't be able to hide from humans forever, is that just because we have a desire for human blood does not make us evil." Heechul adds to K.Will's statement. "It is in our nature to be that way, and for many of us, although we were young, the war was still happening when we were born and thus we were still able to have human blood. Once you have a taste for something like that, it's hard to not have a desire for it. But we do have self-control. We would never risk going back to war."

"And the fewer vampires who actually know what human blood tastes like, the less it will be an issue. Eventually there won't be any vampires who are from this area who have that desire." Yunho finished.

"You all say you don't want a war and yet there was one." Henry said slightly confused and annoyed.

"It's because there was a war that makes us not want one. Besides when the war had broken out, both of our clans were headstrong and not willing to compromise and in that case it's very hard to avoid war." Jongwoon explained. "Someone can dislike an idea, but you can never have a full hatred of something until you experience it first hand. You all hate the idea of a war, but you can't truly hate it until you witness it. Until you see all the fighting, death, and bloodshed. Until you lose someone you love to it."

"Have you then lost someone?"

"We all have. That war changed our lifestyle and that is believed to have killed many of the elders of our clan. And that includes our parents. Some died in the war and many of the others died in the years following to an unknown disease. And from what we have heard, similar things happened here in Pyeonhwa."

"Speaking of that, I would still like the chance to meet with your doctor, Jea? I would like to see what she has learned about the disease and compare notes, see if we can confirm my suspicions about it. From what you told me, she has the same suspicions." Ahra interrupted while also confirming Hangeng's statement.

"I agree, if you wish, you may travel with us back to our clan and meet her." Yunho offered.

"At any other time I would readily agree, however, your friend, Minhyuk, still needs my attention."

"Then we shall inform them that if Minhyuk awakens and you clear him for travel, that we shall send an escort to insure your safe travel to our clan. Then you can personally hand Minhyuk's care over to our doctors as well as meet with Jea."

"That is agreeable. I shall send word when it's time then." It's amazing how quickly both Ahra and Yunho switched over to a professional speech from the casual tone they started the night with. They even adjusted their posture to sitting straight and formal, it was almost uncomfortable for everyone else since they planned on this being a casual dinner before they left at nightfall.

"Then we shall eagerly await your word. You would not mind if his teammate is a member of the escort, would you? I am certain that he would be eager to see the safety of his teammate firsthand."

"I see no problems with that, though I request that when you question him of the events, that I be present to make sure he stays mentally stable. I'm not saying your methods are rough, just that after being in a coma from a traumatic incident, the mind is very unstable and remembering the events can put a lot of stress on the person and quickly spiral them down into a very bad situation."

"Understood, I will instruct that both Jea and yourself are present and that the questioning does not start until you both sign off that he will be able to handle it. I am adding Jea since she has known him for far longer and knows his medical history."

"That is a fair decision, I find no reason to disagree to it."

"Um, guys, not that your conversation isn't important or anything, but could you have waited until after dinner? It's kind of depressing when dinner turns into a business meeting." Heechul asked getting rather annoyed by all this medical and business talk and the formal feel that dinner suddenly took.

"Heechul, we don't exactly have a lot of time to discuss these things."

"I know, I know we're going home to go digging through our archives for more information before we go get ourselves into some trouble, most likely, and that it's really dangerous. And that being said is exactly why this should be a relaxing dinner before that all happens. Cause I'm pretty sure dinner will just be a grab something when you can sort of deal for the foreseeable future. So all business stuff should wait until we finish eating and clear the table since there will be time for it then, and instead we should talk about something else." Yunho glared at Heechul for not taking all of this seriously like Yunho was, but at the same time he had to agree, business could wait another hour. So as to insure that the conversation did not go back to business affairs, Heechul took over control of the discussion. All of the Cantong clansmen shouldn't have been surprised that he steered the entire conversation onto Zhoumi and Henry's relationship, he's known for butting in on everyone's relationships. If you ever wanted to know who was dating whom and how it was going, you just need ask Heechul, he always knows.

"Uh..." Henry was taken aback by the sudden slue of personal questions from Heechul, including how he met Zhoumi, when and how they confessed, how long they have officially been together, among other things. "We met two years ago?" He finally answered more as a question though.

"Henry and Ryeowook have been close friends for a long time and when I joined the guards Zhoumi came to see me while they were with me, so I introduced them." Kyuhyun explained for Henry. "And it was love ever since."

"Oh shut up you know it was not quite like that." Zhoumi stated smacking the younger in the back of the head.

"But I did introduce you guys."

"You gave the introductions but then you and Ryeowook ditched Henry and myself to go do who knows what. That left Henry and I alone for the afternoon since neither of us had any other plans we talked."

"Yeah but you did ask him out on a date by the end of the day."

"No he didn't. It wasn't for another couple of weeks that he actually asked me out. He did say that we should get together more often that day." Henry finally spoke up correcting Kyuhyun's statement.

"That might as well have been him asking you out." Heechul teased, making the small human blush.

"No, it was just as friends that we should get together. When he asked me out he um...." Henry nervously looked over a Zhoumi, not sure if he should continue talking or not. Zhoumi shrugged a little, giving him permission. "Well Mimi was fidgeting a lot and stuttering. It was kind of cute but completely opposite from how he usually is."

"I will admit I was a little nervous he would say no, but everything was fine and we've been dating ever since. I hope that answers your questions Heechul." Zhoumi asked almost daring Heechul to ask more questions. Heechul took a look around the table and the others before sighing in defeat.

"I suppose that will suffice for now since everyone seems to be done eating. Though don't think this is the end." Heechul all but threatened the Pyeonhwa Commander. Zhoumi glared back at him, but it was rather useless as Heechul walked out of the room without looking back at Zhoumi.

"Sorry, he gets like that when he doesn't get all the answers he wants before he's out of time. Give him a short while and he'll be back to his usual self just don't bring it up or he'll try to get more from you if he thinks the time is alright." Jongwoon explained.

"He actually waits and pays attention to the situation and the time he has before he asks questions like that? I thought he would be someone who just takes what he wants when he wants it, not bothering about what's going on around him or the consequences he might face." Jaejoong added quite shocked at this new information.

"No, he just gives off the look of being just a pretty boy and nothing else. He doesn't like any form of militarized fighting like the guards so he refused to join and instead became a tailor. But I'll tell you this, nobody in our clan dares cross him. Last time someone did, they wound up a bloody pulp and tied up in the main square first thing at night fall for everyone to find. Each hit was carefully made to just barely miss vital organs and arteries, yet with enough force that they would have been lethal if they hit just a centimeter over. He was in Jea's care for about a month and refuses to go anywhere near Heechul." Yunho explained this time, rather amused as he remembers the day quite clearly.

"So when we say he can handle himself, we're not kidding." Jongwoon gave a look over to Kyuhyun, reminding him of their earlier conversation and hoping the younger would remember this in the future. "He pays close attention to everything that's going on around him...just not always what he was taught in school...he jokes around a lot, but that's just a facade. I'm sure you'll get to see the more hidden part of him as this mission goes on, especially if we find ourselves in some rough situations."

"I think I shall enjoy seeing a different side of Heechul if the situation arises to permit it. However, with the mission at hand, I would rather that situation never arrive." Zhoumi said, truly hoping their mission does not land them in a dire situation.

A/N: OMG I'm sooooooo Sorry!!! :o I really did not mean to go soo long inbetween updates. I was trying to get some other writting projects done and then a couple more story ideas popped into my head and I couldn't focus on any other fics until I wrote them out at least a little. Then school started again and work got really crazy (especially september, so glad it's finally october) and I was working on my cosplay instead of writing. I finally got back to working on this and decided it was long enough and at an okay spot to stop and give you guys something.
I really hope you're still reading and I didn't lose you're intrest.
I gave you guys a little more on Ryeowook and Henry before they disappear from the story for a while. (they might still show up in the next chapter real quick though.)
Once again, I'm sorry, Don't hate me. Please comment and let me know you're still with me.
Thank you


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Spot for Unnie sujulovenl when she can read it.

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I'm hereeee!

Haha, I started reading and I was like "Aww, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook are so cu- ... AHAHAH KYUHYUN IS MAKING ZHOU MI A APOLOGY GIFT WHAT A CUTE IDIOT HE IS!XD" Yeah, Zhou Mi totally ruined KyuWook's moment. But then I saw Ryeowook say "and here I am, your best friend, a human." and I sobbed and loved them again. I did scan over the last chapter and I do remember the main storyline, but I didn't know or forgot Ryeowook was his best friend and it's cute and d'awwwww /hides/

Okay, I continued reading after typing all that, and forgot to comment because I read it in one go haha. I still love all characters :D They are all different and unique, yet themselves and somewhat the same as they are vampires (and a couple of humans). I love HenMi couple, 2 different worlds together <3

I'm also very curious to that diary of Ryeowook's grandma x.x I hope it'll help them with their quest!

Heechul is.. interesting. I love how he knows all about relationships XD Made me feel as if someone wasn't sure his own relationship was going well or not, he could just ask Heechul and would get the answer haha xD He's also so cool! Because he can like, damage a person in anger, knowing all the right spots! That's so awesome!

Looking forward to the next chapter <3 Didn't really get much further this chapter xD They just had a short fight, followed by dinnar haha. GIMME THE ACTION! Make them fight, Bianca loves fighting members.KyuWook doesn't count, they are too cute to have bad fights ghehe.

Love yaaa~~ Sorry for being THIS late ^^;;;;;;

I was reading and the only thing in my head was : "Wow, what a brilliant imagination !" I hadn't realised before but this universe and this story are really... you know ? Wow !

Anyway xD
That was a great chapter that made me really curious about this strange town and what story is in the diary ! Poor Wookie, I hope he will change his mind !

Thanks for the update !

Really? Personally I think it's a crazy, messed up imagination....but I'll take brilliant... Thank you^^

Well you're suppose to be curious about that town, everyone else is....in the story at least...
We'll wait to find out if Wookie changes his mind or not. >.<

You're welcome.^^ Want to me make you a spot or something?


A spot ? OMG my firt spot ever ! \0/
That would be great, thanks ^^

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