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Getting to know you
Don't worry this is not a post for Friend-lock. I have no intentions of locking my fics so don't worry.

I know I have met many of my readers and authors that I have read but I don't know a lot about everyone and I would like to get to know everyone a little more. ^^

Just tell me basic stuff like:
1. Your name or what I should call you.
2. Where you are from. Just the country is fine. If you want to be more specific that's fine.
3. Your age.
4. Favorite bands, biases and otp.
5. anything else you feel like sharing.

Well I guess I should go by example. My name is Elizabeth but almost everyone calls me Liz, so feel free to do so as well. I live in ohio in the United States (If you couldn't guess from my disclaimer) I am 19 years old, born in 92.

Super Junior is my ultimate favorite band probably in the world. They are jsut totally amazing. ^^ I also am a big fan of DBSK, SHINee, MBLAQ, BoA, F(x), Kara, T-Ara, Beast, 4Minute, Wonder Girls...and a few others, feel free to ask if I didn't name a kpop group you like.
I also listen to some Jpop and Jrock but I'm not good with knowing the members from bands like I am with Kpop. But I like bands like Kat-tun, Arashi, Utada Hikaru, Nami Tamaki, L`arc~en~ciel, LMC, Koda Kumi, and others.
I do listen to some american music but not as much.

My bias in Suju is KRY, they also are my favorite pairing, but when it comes to OTP Kyusung and Hanchul are basically tied.
Jaejoong and Yoochun are my biases in DBSK and I really like Yunjae and Yoosu, so they often show up in my stories.
Minho in SHINee, and Minkey would be my SHINee otp, but I don't write too much SHINee. (Though I'm adding them in slowly.)
I could go and list for other bands but that would take too long. haha^^ you can ask though I'm willing to share.

I am also an anime freak and my friends and I like to go to conventions and cosplay. We did a group cosplay as Ouran High School Host Club a couple years ago, and we try to get more group but it's a little hard to find something we can all agree on.
I read and watch a lot of different anime and manga though, YuYu Hakusho is my ultimate favorite anime and Fushigi Yugi is my favorite Manga.

I think that's enough to at least get the basics done. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know. ^^

Also if you have a request for me, you can either PM me or put it in your comment and if I can I'll write it. Though a mild warning, I am pairing picky. :p I know I'm weird like that. But otherwise I'm willing to try and write most things.


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Hi Liz! I'm Nana :)
Decided to pop over and introduce myself & add you as a friend :D Kyusung shippers yay!

I'm actually living in MA (Boston) - woots we're in the same country! I'm from HK though, but I'm going to college in the States.
93 liner, turning 19 this year.

Favorite bands...where do I start? SuJu, MBLAQ, Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, T-Ara, B2ST, 2AM... and a lot more. I tend to listen to music depending on how good the songs are (but I follow Suju and MBLAQ almost obsessively. It scares me sometimes).
SJ KRY is my favorite sub-group :)

Kyusung shipper <3
Ultimate bias is Yesung (if not obvious yet by the username & dp haha). I fell in love with his voice, and then his weird quirky personality.
Adam Couple is also one of my OTPs. & WooJung (I follow We Got Married a little bit obsessively too...)

On a side note...
I love Ouran! Kyoya was my favorite :P although I loved all of them...

It's nice to get to know you! :)
I've been silently following your fics, just wanted to let you know you're doing a great job <3
I'll comment more now (since it's the holidays and I have too much time on my hands) :D

Hi Nana^^

That's cool. I went to Boston a few years ago but it's a long drive to get there from my home.
That makes you my dongsaeng by a year.

Yeah, I get to know their music before the members. I still have bands that I'm trying to put names and faces together. T-ara is who I'm currently working on. I like their music but I hadn't tried to learn the members until recently and so far I can only point out Eunjung and Bora..,so still working on that.
I follow suju like crazy....though I say they stalked me first. haha. but I try and keep up with DBSK (and I mean all five, not just Homin.) SHINee, MBLAQ, and probably Brown EYed Girls the most. but I'll look up when other bands have a new songs and I'll listen. If I don't like it I just won't listen to it and then see if they have a better song next time. Though there are a few bands I just don't like. I can't get into the music nor the members.

KRY is my favorite sub group too....though they kinda should be since they're my bias. haha^^
I havn't really payed attention to WGM. I know about it and I kinda know about what's going on with Teukie and Sora but I havn't watched any.

Yay. I was Kyoya. ^^ He was my favorite and when we were decided who was playing who, everyone agreed that I was Kyoya, since I am the group's "mom" and I keep track of everything. haha. So it was decided that I was the perfect fit. ^^

Yay, Happy to hear that. Thank you!^^
Awsome, I like getting comments since then I know people are reading it. It's always a guess otherwise. I tend to be a silent reader too though, but recently especially in the Kyusung community I have been commenting more.


Haha yeah, Ohio's pretty far from Mass :P I can imagine how tiring a road trip to Boston would be.

I like Soyeon from T-ara, but Eunjung's my bias ^^ She's so funny (and I love watching her on WGM. Sometimes I feel like her personality is quite similar to mine :P)
HAHA yes, SuJu is awesome :D:D I used to be somewhat annoyed with them simply because I felt like they were too overexposed and all I would hear is Sorry Sorry, but then I realized they were exposed justly! They such dorks, and I love that about them :D

HAHA yes, KRY is my bias too. I love Kyuhyun as well, and I love Wookie's personality (but not so much his voice, even though it's great). I think I have a natural bias towards lower ranges, so Yesung and Kyuhyun are my two top biases.
Teuksora is pretty cute! Haha WGM just helps me kill time :P I ran out of TV series/dramas to follow, and I figured K-Variety was capable of helping me kill time.

That's pretty cool :P Yeah I love how Kyoya was on top of things, so it's definitely a good thing that you're like him! Being organized is very important *nods*

Hehe yeah same! I would love to know what people think of my works, and I'm always happy to get a comment. I've been putting a page counter though, just out of curiosity to see how my fics are faring :)

Hai Liz...
My name is aulia but almost everyone
calls me Lia. I'm Sorry, i only add you not introduce my self before.
I live in Jakarta in the Indonesian. I am
15 years old, born in 96. (Waw, I Should Call You Eonnie right? :D)
Of course, Super Junior is my favorite band in the world. I also am a big fan of DBSK, MBLAQ, Beast, Big Bang, 2 AM, T-ara,
F(x), U-Kiss, SHINee, and a few others...
I also listen to some Jpop and american music but not as much.
My bias in Suju is Yesung, Heechul, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Zhou mi, Han Geng, Siwon, Sungmin. ^^
My OTP Kyusung, Yewon, Hanchul, Yeteuk and Yemin. :D
Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Changmin are my biases in DBSK and I like Yunjae. ^^

Hi Lia. I thought I replied to this comment but I guess not.
That's cool. There are a lot of ELF in Indonesia it seems to me.
You don't have to call me unnie. It's up to you.
A lot of the same bands haha.
Half of the band is your bias. though I know it's hard to choose between so many awsome guys.
Kyusung and Hanchul are the only otp's we have in common but that's cool. ^^

It's nice to meet you and I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. (though I thought I did)


Hello! So as you suggested in your other comment, here I am! :D

1. Your name or what I should call you : My name's Rachelle but I'd rather be called Maiki here~

2. Where you are from. Just the country is fine. If you want to be more specific that's fine : I'm from France which explains why my English is not always that well xD

3. Your age : 22 but will turn 23 on this August

4. Favorite bands, biases and otp : Okay so I'm gonna give you a "short" version of my answer lol.
MUSIC > Into K-Pop I have a Top 3 : Super Junior | CNBLUE | Infinite. But I think we can say that Super Junior is definitely my fav' of fav!! I also really enjoyed other bands such as SHINee, f(x), 2PM (but mostly for their first songs), BIGBANG, 2NE1, DBSK, JYJ, and I've recently found myself addicted to B.A.P & MBLAQ but of course I like a lot of other korean artists. Aside from K-Pop I like to listen to some J-Music as well such as Arashi (even though I haven't listened to them in ages) or One Ok Rock, and also a lot of western music from France or the US or even from the Canada (Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte,...)
BIASES > Yesung and Yoochun are definitely ranked number 1!! I just can't choose between the both of them (or maybe I can... not sure xD) I'm also really fond of Onew, Jong Yong Hwa from CNBLUE, and I think Seungho from MBLAQ could be addded on the list very soon lol
OTP > My first OTP ever is EunHae (but if I have to be very precise I prefer HaeHyuk because I'm really uncomfortable with the idea of Bottom!Donghae even if I do find Hyukjae manly) Then I don't know if I can call them as OTP but they are pairings I really love: OnKey, YaDong (Hoya & Dongwoo from Infinite) and I think KyuSung can also be added on the list even if I also like to pair Yesung with someone else~

5. anything else you feel like sharing : Hmm... I don't know... but if you have any question feel free to ask me :D

Edited at 2012-03-10 12:32 pm (UTC)

Yay^^ We've been talking so I thought it would be nice to know more. ^^

Then I'll just call you Maiki or since you are older then me I can call you unnie instead, if you would rather. ^^

France? See you do get Super Show 4. Now I'm jealous. Even if you don't live in Paris you can at least take the train there and be there in a a few hours at most. Even if they come to the states it's most likely going to be in NYC or LA again and I can't make it to either place. I live too far away from both and it would be more expensive to travel and then spend a night or two then it would be for just the ticket and I probably wouldn't be anle to afford it.
By the way, your english is fine.

Yeah most of the Arashi I know is older stuff but I still like them. I just blend canada in with american, sometimes it's hard to tell the differance. haha.
Yay one of my Suju biases and my DBSK Bias. ^^ Seungho is probably third for my mblaq list. I haven't made just a general bias list that covers everyone together so I don't know where everyone ranks compared to other bands.
Hanchul was my first then KRY and then Kangteuk and Eunhae. I can deal with bottom!Donghae as long as the situation is right and it's written right. but yeah I prefer top!Hae. It's just the fact that both Donghae and Eunhyuk can switch between being childish and innocent to being rather manly so I can kind of see a top!Eunhyuk sometimes. I just call Eunhae the pairing name and don't care who is written first is top or not. Like Kyusung Kyu is first but I like top!yesung. so to me it's just a name and nothing furthur.

Haha it's nice to know more about you now^^ here's some recs that I have:

Kyusung community: Rather small but we're a close group of writters who always enjoy having new members join we update as often as we can so at least every couple of days there are new posts.: http://kyusung.livejournal.com/

Rhenny: She a younger writter but is really sweet and always writes cute kyusung. Although she tends to make Kyuhyun the manlier one, I still love her stories so look through her stuff. All of it's Kyusung with some side Hanchul and Minwook: http://rhenny.livejournal.com/

Turtleclouds/Nana: Awsome writter for Kyusung I recommend reading her settings challenge. All 10+1 are awsome kyusungs and fun to read. Look through her other stuff too.: http://turtleclouds.livejournal.com/1849.html#cutid1

amalious: she isn't really a kyusung fan but is friends with a bunch of us who are so she writes them too. (though I think they're growing on her a bit. but she also tends to write a top!Kyu.) She has some cool oneshots and I really loved her story Message in a Bottle.(Her stories might be member locked but she's accepting of new members. I think she has a post that you have to comment on first though. so if you can't find it and it is just tell me and I'll look for it.): http://theblueroad.livejournal.com/tag/pairing%3A%20kyuhyun%2Fyesung

There are a lot of amazing writters but I'll jsut start you with those three for now. But you'll find others on the com.
Here are some individual stories:

Don't Wish On a Shooting Star: http://flaviafly.livejournal.com/3610.html

Deconstruction: http://glitterburn.livejournal.com/159299.html

phoenix_soar's Stranger under my roof (on-going): http://phoenix-soar.livejournal.com/1587.html#cutid1
(link to next chapter is at the end of each. there are 4 right now)

The Quiet Path: http://prettyquills.livejournal.com/37417.html

When A Baby Rings the Doorbell: http://sujulovenl.livejournal.com/18551.html

Voice Within The Noise: http://nyx-kendaya.livejournal.com/1136.html

I think that'll be a good start. A couple others have either been deleted or I just don't know where they are. Did you want any smuts? I think there are a couple there that mention it or have minor but I didn't post any that were straight up smuts. If you do would you rather I found top!Yesung or Kyu? cause I know a couple of good ones for both.

also I know you weren't sure about KRY but this is my favorite KRY that I have ever read so I suggest you read it.
Sugar, Spice, and Everything Fail: http://ourhandsfroze.livejournal.com/5424.html

tell me which ones you liked. or if you want more.


You're right! /nods head

I don't mind it if you wanna call me Unnie~ I'm actually used to it now that I've got into K-Pop and it's quite a nice feeling to be honest xD

Yup!! My friends and I managed to get tickets! I'm so excited because to me it's like a dream coming true. Although I did get the chance to see them at the SMTOWN, it's not the same as a full concert. I'll try to take some pictures for you if I can!! :DD

Actually me neither. In fact aside from Yesung & Yoochun I didn't even know who else were part of bias list until I had to answer your question. Yet I don't have a ranking for all of them, because I just can't choose but judging from how much YS and YC can make me spazz like crazy I guess they're at the top or something like that LOL
I agree with you that both Hyuk and Donghae can switch between childish and manly but when it comes to smut I just can't read bottom!Hae anymore. It's funny though because at first I didn't mind but then it changed and I don't even know why... anyways! I don't mind HyukHyuk and respect it so yeah...

Thanks for all the recs you gave me. I may take some time read them but I'll make sure not to miss any. Thanks again!! /sends you French chocolates

PS: Sorry for the late reply. I got busy searching for a place where to do my intership (is that the good word?) and writing... /bows and gives you more chocolates
Also thanks for saying my English was good~

Ello Liz,

I'm Shannon. I saw your lovely post about Kyusung fans, and wanted to make myself known (even if I'm still new to this site).

I'm living in the United States as well, Alabam to be excat. With is sad, because I rather live somewhere with more forests or woods. Dx Sad me...

I just turned sixteen in Febuary. Making you my hyung! xP Whic feels weird because most of the time, I make friends that are younger than me...oh well!

I listen to all kinds of music. But mostly Kpop. Super Junior is that band that got me started on Kpop. I don't really stray from Super Junior, but when I do I listen to SHINee, B2st, Girls Beneration, and 2ne1. My biase(s) for Super Junior are Yesung (the amazing singer that made me cry when I first heard 'More I Love You') and Kyuhyun (I was heartbroken and his song 'Hope Is A Dream That Doesn't Sleep' helped me out a lot). My favorite pairing of Super Junior is Kyusung, but Kangteuk and Eunhae comes in only a tiny step behind them.

Ouran is one of my favorite animes too! :D I have coplayed before with that anime...I was Hunny! I love the hyper active little guy. But I'm not like him at all. I don't really stand out in a crowd like he does. I'm weird and awkward at all times.

I'm happy to be able to make friends if you would become my friend. ^_^

Hi Shannon.

Haha it's for really anyone, not just to Kyusung fans.^^

I like it up in Ohio, though not a lot of people seem too feel the same, since Ohio tends to be made fun of.

Unnie, not hyung. Hyung is for guys. Well everyone needs a couple of friends who are older.^^

If you like Hanchul too, then I think you would probably like just about anythign I write. ^^

That's really weird because when my friends and I cosplayed ouran, I was kyoya, but my friend shannon played hunny as well. (even weirder is that she was sixteen when we did the cosplay) haha^^

It's nice to meet you^^



Sorry, I'm not really use to the subtitles yet. I just started on Super Junior that the other arists about three months ago, and I have only really heard hyung. T^T I sad I called you the subtitle for a guy!

I would love to visit Ohio...I haven't been out of Alabama before. Though I want to leave, I like Alabama at times. ^^

Wow...Shannon must be a comman name. Oh well! At least you had fun! And I love the pairing Hanchul as well. They rank just below Kangteuk and Eunhae. I don't really mind any pairing but I adore those pairings the most. I hope to keep talking to you, Liz-unnie! You are very nice and kind.

~Shannon xD

(Deleted comment)
Thank you^^

I don't think we've really met yet, so how are you?
haha^^" Sorry Im often really awkward with new people...


(Deleted comment)
Hi, I just forgot to answer to your little questions xD

1. So my name is Claire, but you can call me Reru
2. I'm from France ^^
3. I'm a dinosaur so I won't answer this one xD
4. My favorite band is Super Junior of course, and I'm a Cloud. My favorite pairing is KyuSung, but I like YeWon to. And YeMin. And YeHae... XD
5. I like your fics a lot xD I'm trying to be a writer now, and I like it ^^

Haha, it's okay you finally filled them out anyways. ^^

Yay now I have something to refer to you by other than just your username^^
You're the third person in the Kyusung community (at least as a reader) who is from France. :)
Aww, I'm sure you're not really old. Especially absolutly no where near a dinosaur.
Haha, I think I already knew some of this. XD but sorry I won't give you any of the Yewon, Yemin, or Yehae....not my pairings.
Thank you^^ Good luck, I'm always willing to try and help if ever needed, though I'm probably not much help. ^^"


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