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Getting to know you
Don't worry this is not a post for Friend-lock. I have no intentions of locking my fics so don't worry.

I know I have met many of my readers and authors that I have read but I don't know a lot about everyone and I would like to get to know everyone a little more. ^^

Just tell me basic stuff like:
1. Your name or what I should call you.
2. Where you are from. Just the country is fine. If you want to be more specific that's fine.
3. Your age.
4. Favorite bands, biases and otp.
5. anything else you feel like sharing.

Well I guess I should go by example. My name is Elizabeth but almost everyone calls me Liz, so feel free to do so as well. I live in ohio in the United States (If you couldn't guess from my disclaimer) I am 19 years old, born in 92.

Super Junior is my ultimate favorite band probably in the world. They are jsut totally amazing. ^^ I also am a big fan of DBSK, SHINee, MBLAQ, BoA, F(x), Kara, T-Ara, Beast, 4Minute, Wonder Girls...and a few others, feel free to ask if I didn't name a kpop group you like.
I also listen to some Jpop and Jrock but I'm not good with knowing the members from bands like I am with Kpop. But I like bands like Kat-tun, Arashi, Utada Hikaru, Nami Tamaki, L`arc~en~ciel, LMC, Koda Kumi, and others.
I do listen to some american music but not as much.

My bias in Suju is KRY, they also are my favorite pairing, but when it comes to OTP Kyusung and Hanchul are basically tied.
Jaejoong and Yoochun are my biases in DBSK and I really like Yunjae and Yoosu, so they often show up in my stories.
Minho in SHINee, and Minkey would be my SHINee otp, but I don't write too much SHINee. (Though I'm adding them in slowly.)
I could go and list for other bands but that would take too long. haha^^ you can ask though I'm willing to share.

I am also an anime freak and my friends and I like to go to conventions and cosplay. We did a group cosplay as Ouran High School Host Club a couple years ago, and we try to get more group but it's a little hard to find something we can all agree on.
I read and watch a lot of different anime and manga though, YuYu Hakusho is my ultimate favorite anime and Fushigi Yugi is my favorite Manga.

I think that's enough to at least get the basics done. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know. ^^

Also if you have a request for me, you can either PM me or put it in your comment and if I can I'll write it. Though a mild warning, I am pairing picky. :p I know I'm weird like that. But otherwise I'm willing to try and write most things.


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I'm trying so hard not to cry right now thinking about how we only have until May 6th with him. Although he will only be a public service worker like Heechul, it's hard to imagine him gone. And it's hard to think that I'll have to see Suju without either Heechul or Jongwoon for almost 4 months.
I know I haven't met them in person but I feel the closest to those two and it's hard not having them around. It almost feels like losing a brother.
And is it bad that one of the things I'm afriad of most is him cutting his hair? I can't imagine him without his hair as it is. I got used to Teukie's fast but I'm so glad that Heechul's hair grew back fast so it's about where it was before he left.

Well I just recently found out that Heechul is planning on jumping straight into Super Show so all I can hope is that even though I won't have Yesung, that Heechul is back for whenever they decided on North America and that NYC or closer is on the list.

(I don't ship yesung and heechul as a pairing, but I like them together in just about any other way)


I know what you mean! Just to imagine the guys perform with him sounds so weird... but hopefully those 2 years will pass by fast (or not...) Don't worry, I too feel the same about him having to cut his hair. I was okay with Teukie's looks as well as Kangin's & Heechul's ones (somehow) but I just can't picture him with really short hair...

Oh he is?! That's good to hear! I bet he's missed performing with the guys and see the fans on stage... Let's hope for that then.

(I didn't ship them as a pairing either until a friend of mine managed to convince me they were okay but I've always had weird taste so... lol)


THough I think the worst part of him leave, is so many fans want refunds for SS5 because he won't be there. I personally feel like removing their right to call themselves ELFs. You shouldn't have your desire to go to a concert based on one member. As much as I want Yesung to be there, I'm not changing my desire to go just because he won't be there. I'm still going to try just as hard to see them.
Kangin's wasn't really a change. Heechul and Teukie's were major hits but I've gotten used to Teukie's and Heechul I only saw it one day before and then by the time he got out of basics it was back to like when he cut it back at Sorry Sorry.

Yeah, I guess he just anounced it on his military radio show the other day.

(I don't think I'll ever ship them as a pairing. I'm pairing picky and can't see them as more then friends or brothers.)


Is that for real?! Well, those people are pretty immature in my opinion and I totally agree with you. Can't believe some people would do such thing, if you only care about one member then wait until that member decides to go solo (if that ever happens that is).
True! I think that's because Teukie and Heechul did have short hair during Sorry Sorry promotions (at least at the beginning), even if it wasn't as short as when they enlisted that I easy got used to it.

Oh okay... I didn't know about that... Missing so many stuff because I'm either working or being too lazy to go on the net... u_u"

(I think I was pairing picky too but my friend proved me wrong or maybe it depends of who's involved... lol)


Yeah but it looks like everything turned out alright for their trip.
I'm mildly disappointed that we didn't get to see him and his hair before he entered. (darn ninja skills) but at the same time, kind of happy that he might keep it covered and not show it until it's at an ok length again.

It seems like his plan is to join in october, so I hear at least. So I'm hoping for a late fall/early winter concert from them in NYC or have them wait until early spring but that might push it a little far. I don't know, I just want a concert and for Chulie to be there too.

(I'm a one pairing per person type of person. I can't ship one member with multiple people. except KRY they can be shipped together in any way. But that's the only exception.)


Same here, though there's one pic that got on the internet. It was a bit weird to see him with the others but his hair looked better than I had imagined (or am I just biased? xD)

Okay... That would be great! I hope if there's a concert in Europe again, it'll also be around those times, or even after that so that it won't be too cold while waiting outside. ^^"

(I understand. I'm actually the same when it comes to eunhae or some other pairings but I don't mind much in general. I guess it depends of the story, the writing and all)


How did I not respond sooner? No Idea how your reply slipped past me.^^"

I know what pic you're talking about and yeah it was weird to see if with all the others. Yeah and he's stil looking good on his occasional weekend updates that he's allowed to give I guess. But it's nice to have updates from him and everything. Makes the wait for his return just a tad bit easier.

I'm still waiting to find out if their is a concert in eastern America and if I can actually make it there and have friends with me and everything. Though I really want Heechul to officially make up his mind (darn him and I both being indecisive people...it makes it hard to yell at him for it) Cause I really want my Heechulie if I can't get Yesungie..though I would much rather just have all 15 but that's besides the point.

(When I look for stories to read, I look at pairing first, then summary. I think more people should do it that way, I just hear too many people complaining about certain pairings and then I just wonder why do they read stories about pairings they don't like? It doesn't make much sense.)


It's okay, don't worry. It happens to me quite often... ^^"

It was but I agree with you, he still looks good and I too am glad he updates us with some pics and tweets, every now and then~

Let's hope you'll get this chance and that Heechul will take part of it, then! I don't think I'll be able to go watch them this time though, I need to save up money since I'll be out of a job starting the end of next week... /sighs

(Same here! I also look at the genres because I sometimes choose what I want to read depending on my mood but always checking the pairing and summary first to make sure I won't end up reading something I don't like. /agrees with you)


It seems Like Yesung comments at least once everyweekend (since that's when he's allowed to) it's soo nice because it doesn't feel like he's gone as much. Even though we don't get to hear his lovely voice.

I'm just soooo happy that he is going to be back in less than a week. There is still no word about if he'll join with ss5 or not. But I'll just be happy to have him out of the military even if he was only public service.

What???? Why will you be out of a job? What happened??? :O

(Yeah I'll skip reading stuff even if it's my pairing and the summary is interesting if it seems too depressing or has a warning that I don't want right at that moment or something.)


Yeah, it's really nice and helps make the wait a bit more bearable for us~

So am I!! Somehow it feels like those two years passed by faster than I'd expected. I'm sure he'll let us know about his plan soon.

Well I was only working as a part time and my contract ends on the 30th of this month, so I'll have to search for something else but that's not easy when you don't have much experience... u_u"

(/nods head) :D

Yeah, so let's hope he keeps it up so we don't have to miss him as much.

OMG IT'S SO CLOSE! MY "TWIN" WILL BE BACK! haha sorry, I'm excited. XD I hope he'll make his decisions quickly. and get back on social sites. Since he forgot his passwards, we'll see what he does. Apparently he's already getting drama and variety show requests.

Awe, well I hope you find something soon. But hey any experiance is better than non. It took me forever to find a job because I had no experiance. But it's just a stupid system. You need a job to get experiance but all jobs want you to already have experiance.


/nods head

No problem! And I to am soooo happy that he's finally back! I still have some difficulties to realize. That would be nice if he did and I'm looking forward to see what are his plans for the future~

Thank you! I hope so too~
I see things seem to be the same over there as they are here... And I agree that is a stupid system but we have to go with it...


Difficulties? What kind of difficulties?

Yeah what kind of job were you doing anyways?


It just seemed so unreal... But then I watched some cuts of his visit to Sukira and Shimshimtapa and realized, he was really back!

I was working for one of the univerties library of my town and scanned old articles and maps that were then put on the net.


Yeah I know what you mean. But we just have to wait and find out when he decides to fully join super show or if it will be an able or what. Since I think he showed up in japan with everyone.

Oh but even if it's not the most practical job experiance, it is still experiance that your future employers can learn about you from.


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