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Getting to know you
Don't worry this is not a post for Friend-lock. I have no intentions of locking my fics so don't worry.

I know I have met many of my readers and authors that I have read but I don't know a lot about everyone and I would like to get to know everyone a little more. ^^

Just tell me basic stuff like:
1. Your name or what I should call you.
2. Where you are from. Just the country is fine. If you want to be more specific that's fine.
3. Your age.
4. Favorite bands, biases and otp.
5. anything else you feel like sharing.

Well I guess I should go by example. My name is Elizabeth but almost everyone calls me Liz, so feel free to do so as well. I live in ohio in the United States (If you couldn't guess from my disclaimer) I am 19 years old, born in 92.

Super Junior is my ultimate favorite band probably in the world. They are jsut totally amazing. ^^ I also am a big fan of DBSK, SHINee, MBLAQ, BoA, F(x), Kara, T-Ara, Beast, 4Minute, Wonder Girls...and a few others, feel free to ask if I didn't name a kpop group you like.
I also listen to some Jpop and Jrock but I'm not good with knowing the members from bands like I am with Kpop. But I like bands like Kat-tun, Arashi, Utada Hikaru, Nami Tamaki, L`arc~en~ciel, LMC, Koda Kumi, and others.
I do listen to some american music but not as much.

My bias in Suju is KRY, they also are my favorite pairing, but when it comes to OTP Kyusung and Hanchul are basically tied.
Jaejoong and Yoochun are my biases in DBSK and I really like Yunjae and Yoosu, so they often show up in my stories.
Minho in SHINee, and Minkey would be my SHINee otp, but I don't write too much SHINee. (Though I'm adding them in slowly.)
I could go and list for other bands but that would take too long. haha^^ you can ask though I'm willing to share.

I am also an anime freak and my friends and I like to go to conventions and cosplay. We did a group cosplay as Ouran High School Host Club a couple years ago, and we try to get more group but it's a little hard to find something we can all agree on.
I read and watch a lot of different anime and manga though, YuYu Hakusho is my ultimate favorite anime and Fushigi Yugi is my favorite Manga.

I think that's enough to at least get the basics done. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know. ^^

Also if you have a request for me, you can either PM me or put it in your comment and if I can I'll write it. Though a mild warning, I am pairing picky. :p I know I'm weird like that. But otherwise I'm willing to try and write most things.


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Hi Nana^^

That's cool. I went to Boston a few years ago but it's a long drive to get there from my home.
That makes you my dongsaeng by a year.

Yeah, I get to know their music before the members. I still have bands that I'm trying to put names and faces together. T-ara is who I'm currently working on. I like their music but I hadn't tried to learn the members until recently and so far I can only point out Eunjung and Bora..,so still working on that.
I follow suju like crazy....though I say they stalked me first. haha. but I try and keep up with DBSK (and I mean all five, not just Homin.) SHINee, MBLAQ, and probably Brown EYed Girls the most. but I'll look up when other bands have a new songs and I'll listen. If I don't like it I just won't listen to it and then see if they have a better song next time. Though there are a few bands I just don't like. I can't get into the music nor the members.

KRY is my favorite sub group too....though they kinda should be since they're my bias. haha^^
I havn't really payed attention to WGM. I know about it and I kinda know about what's going on with Teukie and Sora but I havn't watched any.

Yay. I was Kyoya. ^^ He was my favorite and when we were decided who was playing who, everyone agreed that I was Kyoya, since I am the group's "mom" and I keep track of everything. haha. So it was decided that I was the perfect fit. ^^

Yay, Happy to hear that. Thank you!^^
Awsome, I like getting comments since then I know people are reading it. It's always a guess otherwise. I tend to be a silent reader too though, but recently especially in the Kyusung community I have been commenting more.


Haha yeah, Ohio's pretty far from Mass :P I can imagine how tiring a road trip to Boston would be.

I like Soyeon from T-ara, but Eunjung's my bias ^^ She's so funny (and I love watching her on WGM. Sometimes I feel like her personality is quite similar to mine :P)
HAHA yes, SuJu is awesome :D:D I used to be somewhat annoyed with them simply because I felt like they were too overexposed and all I would hear is Sorry Sorry, but then I realized they were exposed justly! They such dorks, and I love that about them :D

HAHA yes, KRY is my bias too. I love Kyuhyun as well, and I love Wookie's personality (but not so much his voice, even though it's great). I think I have a natural bias towards lower ranges, so Yesung and Kyuhyun are my two top biases.
Teuksora is pretty cute! Haha WGM just helps me kill time :P I ran out of TV series/dramas to follow, and I figured K-Variety was capable of helping me kill time.

That's pretty cool :P Yeah I love how Kyoya was on top of things, so it's definitely a good thing that you're like him! Being organized is very important *nods*

Hehe yeah same! I would love to know what people think of my works, and I'm always happy to get a comment. I've been putting a page counter though, just out of curiosity to see how my fics are faring :)

Yeah, we drove to maryland for my cousin's wedding in june and that took like 8 hours there and probably close to 10 back...let's jsut say I don't like driving through pennsylvania especially without Hangeng (My laptop.) His battery didn't hold a charge at the time and we couldn't find our car adaptor to be able to plug him in. I listened to my music and texted my friends the entire time in order to stop from being sooo bored.

For some reason I could just point out Eunjung. I could just recognize her so when I figured out her name I know who she is. But I don't really know them that well yet.
My personality is just like Heechul's though. My friends decided that he was my twin. Doesn't help that his birthday is only a couple after mine. haha^^

I love everything about them, though I still think Yesung's voice is the best. Kyuhyun's is great but I think his voice works better for ballads more then for like rock or anything else. Yesung on the other hand, his voice is perfect for everything. (In my opinion that is) though I still love his ballads. Whenever I'm upset I listen to Yesung and Heechul, they always make me feel better. I kinda wish they did a duet.
I have a huge list of dramas to watch and then a few movies to watch. as well as random programs because of bands. I have a bunch of suju stuff to watch. I have the english subs for them and everything I just have to actually watch it. haha

I can be organized and other times not. Though I do organize when I need to. We're planning for the convention at the end of the month and well even though I'm not setting up the trip this year, everything still goes through me eventually.

I should probably get one...I would probably not feel like such a comment whore if I did. But I really like to see what people liked about the story/chapter and what was funny or what didn't make sense.


I love the name of your laptop! xP
Yeah I tend to just sleep during road trips. Stops me from tearing my hair out from all the boredom :(

Yeah Eunjung has a pretty high profile.
Haha :P That's pretty awesome. AB blood type too? ;) That would be really funny haha. People can't help but love Heenim, so being similar to him definitely isn't a bad thing ^^

Yesung's voice is absolutely amazing. I wish that SM would let him record his own solo album sometimes. His duet with Kyuhyun in the Bonamana album blew me away <3 I love how versatile his voice is.
Totally agree - Yesung always cheers me up. With either his amazing voice, or his hilarious fails on camera :P
I've been going through them way too fast. I can't wait until some of the new seasons of shows (like Hello Baby with MBLAQ) so I have something new to follow xD

That's definitely an admirable trait! :D

Yep me too. I love it when people leave me comments :D It gives me a better idea of what worked and what didn't.


I know. He acts like him sometimes too..I have other elctronics with various names. My phone is Zhoumi..though I tend to call him mimi. I have an external hard drive named Jungsu. My video camera is Jaejoong. ^^
I can't sleep anywhere that isn't my bed. I have issues sleeping even hotels.

No. I'm blood type O. It's like our biggest difference.....well aside from the fact that we come from two different countries and look nothing alike. ^^;;

I think he doesn't do a solo album cause he doesn't want to. He's said that he doesn't want to go solo. And yes I love their duet. Kyusung for the Win!

They're doing hello baby with MBLAQ? Oooh I wanna watch that. I watched SHINee's. then most of girls generations. I want to watch t-ara's too.


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